29DEC21 / Landing 1300Z | United Nations | New Year Flight to Central African Republic | Represent your country

Sure mate! I already booked your place!

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Wouldn’t feel like an African if ion participate, can I join representing Rwanda (RW) on the A330-300?

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Sure, I booked your place 🇷🇼

Bringing this up. The event is today, you can still join.


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Hi, we should arrive at FEFF at 1300 Zulu right? and what was the 0600 Zulu ?

Im departed from OMDW (Dubai World Al Maktoum) by the way, i do stop over there from WIMM, then continue to FEFF.

I updated the event because many participants sent me message saying that they cannot fly from the planned departure place. So, the event will be departing from your home airport and landing at the same time (13:00 Zulu) and departing to home back at the same time from CAR.

Calculate your take off time according to arrival at 13:00 Zulu at CAR.

I will be departing from Cape.

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Yes, I updated the event, now it is easier for everyone to fly. Instead of taking off in the same place, we will land at 13000 Zulu, so everyone can fly from their home according to their distance.

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@Ethan_Brown is halway there.

I will take off soon from Cape.

@Charlieab29 , @ouzi @FlyIf_0011IFPA @flybarroso @Mollel.kid please confirm when you airborne.




Just departed out of OMDW…

I suggest you to create a group chat to avoid unnecessary topic bumping

How to do it? I have a Slack channel if everyone can come.

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Done, i have created it for you, check your DM. I uninstalled my Slack by the way…

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