29DEC21 / Landing 1300Z | United Nations | New Year Flight to Central African Republic | Represent your country

United Nations event to help people in Central African Republic.

Event Details:

CAR (Central African Republic) is the poorest country in Africa annd had lots of economical and political problems which affected to country so badly. United Nations as well as other nations (using their national carriers) sending help and humanitarian flights to CAR occasionally. In this event, we will fly to CAR and carry lots of goods to people in Central African Republic.

All nations around the world meeting at Central African Republic, we will take food form our home country, medicines, toys for kids, clothes and school materials.

Must start with United Nation and add your country extention at the end, For example,
If you are from United Kingdom, United Nations 4U - AGB (if there is another pilot from the uk it will be BGB, third pilot CGB etc.)

If you are from Italy, United Nations 4U-AIT
If you are from Switzerland, United Nations 4U-ACH etc

P.S: You can find United Nation under General Aviation Section in Infinite Flight.

Server: Expert Server

Departure: Your Home Airport
Destination: Bangui M’Poko International Airport (FEFF) 🇨🇫

Date: 29.12.2021
Time: Arrival: 13:00 Zulu


Recommended Airplanes:

Boeing 757
Boeing 767

Airbus A321-200
Airbus A330-300

Mcdonnell Douglas


Participants will be listed here please send your booking request in the same format.

🇿🇦 | @Okeanos | 4U- ASA Heavy | Boeing 767-300
🇬🇧 | @Charlieab29 | 4U-AGB Heavy Flight 2 | Boeing 757-200
🇺🇸 | @Ethan_Brown | 4U-AUS Heavy Flight 3 | Boeing 787-9
🇮🇩 | @ouzi | 4U-AID Heavy Flight 4 | DC-10F
🇧🇧 | @FlyIf_0011IFPA | 4U-ABB Heavy Flight 5 | Airbus A330-900NEO
🇦🇴 | @flybarroso | 4U-AAO Heavy Flight 6 | Boeing 777-200ER
🇷🇼 | @Mollel.kid | 4U-ARW Heavy Flight 7 | Airbus A330-300


Approach / Landing

We will land to RWY 34,
ILS Cat 1 approach.

Important Remarks:

In case of a missed approach: Climb straight ahead on runway axis. At 2600 FT QNH, turn left climbing to 3600 FT QNH to join MPK VOR. Do not turn before MAPt.

Terrain elevation 1182 FT
Runway Lenght: 8589 Ft x 147ft


Wonderful event, such a great idea!

I’d love to attend if possible, I’ll be representing Great Britain (GB) in the Boeing 757-200 please!

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Thank you mate!! I signed you up

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US in the American 787-9 from Miami

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Done! Thanks for coming.

Do we must depart from LSGG ? or could be from our home airport ?

Where is your home airport?
If it’s in europe yes, if it’s in America we have a pilot departing from Miami, you can depart together.

Im in WAHI and WAHH Indonesia. Should i do a stop over…?

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You can Fly directly, and meet at Africa. Just let me know which plane are you going to use please

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I think i will come, I’ll make a stopover at OMSJ, then FEFF. From WAHI as main departure airport. Dont worry, i’ve calculated the ETA

Great! Which plane are you going to use?

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Sorry forgot to mention that, i’ll use DC-10F

ill sign up. I will be flying from TBPB and representing my home of Barbados


I boooked!

ID is indonesia… Barbados is BB

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Oh sorry, I thought you are coming from Indonesia, I fixed!


Excuse me, I’m joining but it’s not listed yet :)
Using DC-10F, by the way

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I added @ouzi

@FlyIf_0011IFPA Which plane are you going to use?



Yo! I wanna be in this!
Man will be representing Angola (AO) in the Boeing 777-200ER please!!!