29DEC21 / 1700Z - Flash Flight: Washington River Visual @ KDCA

Not with me flying lol.


Awesome!! Then nothing to worry about other than winds hahaha weather may change at anytime oops

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I’m at gate 3b


Definitely interested! Hopefully I’m able to join 😀

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Still 20min till it starts

better to be early than late 😙


I think he spawned in early so he can get a spot instead of looking for one when the flash flight begins

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United airlines take note of this lol

Good point.

@MishaCamp Which runway are we going to use at KCLT?


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Hello~ I’m next to you right now.

i know @NightEagle

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I’m so dumb. I just taxiid to Rwy 18C instead of 18L. Ima respawn and try again

Can you start leaving now?

I have a question: What would happen when everyone arrives in DCA? I doubt it can accomodate every aircraft in this flash flight

We might have to wait then till that gate opens.

But I’m doing a turn around to DTW so I should be out of there by the time the big crowd comes in.

We’re doing the exact same route :D Me and @RTG113 are the aircraft in front of you heading to DCA, and we were gonna hop in the CS300 to Detroit

Nice I can’t wait to see you there.

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