29DEC20 / 1500Z - A Blue Angels Airshow! @ KNJK

Summary: After COVID-19 has been about for the entirety of 2020, not many airshows have been about. So I thought why not make one in Infinite flight right? It’s the next best thing AND you get to be a pilot as well. How good is that? It’s going to be a recreation of the famous Blue Angels NAF El Centro airshow. so let’s get flyin’!

We ideally need 7 of the FA/18 hornets. 6 of these will be flying but we require a 7th to be the cameraman, like in a real Blue Angels airshow. Please look at the pilots that have volunteered for each role.

BuNo 1 - @DeltaMD88Fan
BuNo 2 -@Nate_Schneller
BuNo 3 -@Rocco_Palen
BuNo 4 - Davis (no IFC account)
BuNo 5 - @MaestroThom
BuNo 6 - @PilotMatt
BuNo 7 (cameraman for practice shows ONLY) - @Fung_Sum-sum
BuNo 7 - (backup pilot(s)) - @Marcel001

We only need 1 single Fat Albert Airlines to keep with the realism of the real fleet. The pilot flying Fat Albert is:

C-130 H “Fat Albert Airlines” - @lhr_pilot

Information about the event:

Server: Casual Server

Airport: NAF El Centro - KNJK

Time: 1500 Zulu time

Photos: Here are some pictures of real Blue Angels airshows to bring in the mood:
image image

Please spawn in 10 mins before start of airshow.
Manoeuvre list will be outer later next week!
Enjoy and happy flying!


Man, it’s been a while since I flown as a Virtual Blue. Was right wing with @DeltaMD88Fan

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We might be able to help :)

even though we haven’t flown together since may

I would love to fly as Blue Angel 3, but only if @DeltaMD88Fan is flying Blue Angel 1 because he is one of the few people along with myself and @Nate_Schneller who were members of the IF Virtual Blue Angels. We know the entire routine by heart and cab perform it with extreme realism.

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Boyz gotta show up @Nate_Schneller @DeltaMD88Fan @Rocco_Palen 😜😜


I am speaking on behalf of the former IF Virtual Blue Angels.
Blue Angel 1: @DeltaMD88Fan
Blue Angel 2: @Nate_Schneller
Blue Angel 3: @Rocco_Palen
Blue Angel 4: @PilotMatt

We are no longer in contact with our 5 and 6 pilots, but if we can get a hold of them we will let you know ASAP! I hope you take us into consideration for this airshow. Thanks!

Ps here’s a few screen shots of us flying



happy to be of service!

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Hit us up😜😜🤙🏽

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Can I be the BuNo 6?

I just got word that our 5 and 6 pilots are willing to fly. I know someone already signed up for the 6 spot and I don’t want to exclude anyone, but our pilots literally have hundreds of hours flying the Blue Angels demo and are capable of performing it literally identical to real life.

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unfortunately, we have word from a very experienced set of pilots that should probably take the roles of BuNo 5 and 6. However, I can happily let you be BuNo 7 (the cameraman) that takes pictures alongside the airshow or you can be Fat Albert airlines. very sorry but I will probably prioritise the experienced pilots but there are still roles for you!!

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C130 is quite slow wor

There is still BuNo 7 left though which is an F18

That would be the photo ship, which usually flies around the formation without smoke. Also, BuNo? That’s Bureau Number, not Blue Angel Number.

oh… well they are blue angels numbers for now… I will correct it soon

I want to take the F18 plz @lhr_pilot

ok! you will need to fly along the formations and try to take photos. I can also get some photos as well though

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Should we have practice before the event starts?

First practice should be late tonight. Probably 10EST

Tomorrow morning 1100 zulu

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