29DEC20 / 0100Z - Cargo flight @ BGTL to PABR

Aircraft and Livery: Any C-130 in any livery

Route: Copy FedEx 214VA’s flight plan 1 minute before pushback

Time of Pushback/Departure: 0100Z 8 pm EST 5 pm PST

Server: Traning

Extra info:

Cruise: 27,000 ft (speed tbd)

Cargo: 42,000 lbs

(If you want to work on pattern work with ATC, spawn in anywhere from 0030Z to 0050Z)

Cool event but make sure you follow the rules :) so the post doesn’t get closed


come on @TylerShah beat me to it, but yes, you have to post 3 hours before departure

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Oh, oops. Sorry about that.

@tjb0709 you still with us?

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