29AUG22 / 1200Z - Qantas Virtual Group Presents: Melbourne Fly-out! @ YMML

Banner image taken by @Alex_E

G’day everyone and welcome to a brand new Qantas Virtual Group community event!

This event of ours is a flyout from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, we have suggested some routes down below for you to fly but we have also linked some sites to find other routes with different airlines!

We hope to see you all there!

Event Details

Origin Airport Server
YMML - Melbourne Int’l Expert

If you would like to be a controller for this event, please reply down below with the time and frequency you’d like to control.

Event Start

Suggested Destinations

Qantas Routes
Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr iCAO Aircraft(s) Flight Time Notes
QFA 834 YMML YSCB B738 01:05
QFA 402 YMML YSSY B738 01:10
QFA 671 YMML YPAD B738 01:20
QFA 882 YMML YBCG B738 02:05
QFA 604 YMML YBBN B738 02:05
QFA 576 YMML YBHM B738 02:50
QFA 177 YMML NZQN B738 03:10
QFA 702 YMML YBCS A333 03:15
QFA 133 YMML NZCH B738 03:20
QFA 171 YMML NZWN B738 03:35
QFA 151 YMML NZAA B738 03:35
QFA 45 YMML WADD B738 06:00
QFA 35 YMML WSSS A333 07:55
QFA 29 YMML VHHH A333 09:40
QFA 79 YMML RJTT A333, B744 10:30
QFA 69 YMML VIDP A333 12:45
QFA 34 YMML KLAX B789 15:40
QantasLink Routes
Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr iCAO Aircraft(s) Flight Time Notes
QLK 1528 YMML YSCB B712 01:03
QLK 1702 YMML YSSY B712 01:08
QLK 1505 YMML YMHB B712 01:09
QLK 1564 YMML YWLM B712 01:12
QLK 1545 YMML YMLT B712 01:15
QLK 1732 YMML YBBN B712 01:33
QLK 1572 YMML YCFS B712 02:00
-------- -------- -------- -------- --------
QLK 2046 YMML YMAY DH8D 00:55
QLK 2285 YMML YMLT DH8D 01:05
QLK 2036 YMML YSWG DH8D 01:05
QLK 2215 YMML YMTG DH8D 01:10
QLK 2089 YMML YWYY DH8D 01:15
QLK 2055 YMML YDPO DH8D 01:20
QLK 2124 YMML YMER DH8D 01:25
Jetstar Routes
Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr iCAO Aircraft(s) Flight Time Notes
JST 735 YMML YMLT A320 01:05
JST 711 YMML YMHB A320 01:15
JST 776 YMML YPAD A320 01:20
JST 528 YMML YSSY A320 01:25
JST 476 YMML YWLM A320 01:30
JST 464 YMML YBNA A320 01:59
JST 430 YMML YBCG A320 02:05
JST 570 YMML YBBN A320 02:15
JST 794 YMML YBSU A320 02:20
JST 832 YMML YBPN A320 02:55
JST 664 YMML YAYE A320 03:00
JST 219 YMML NZQN A320 03:10
JST 173 YMML NZCH A320 03:15
JST 942 YMML YBCS A320 03:20
JST 209 YMML NZAA A320 03:35
JST 900 YMML YBPN A320 04:05
JST 972 YMML YPPH A320 04:10
JST 678 YMML YPDN A320 04:20
JST 97 YMML WADD A320 05:55

To find some other destinations with other external airlines, feel free to search with Flightradar24, FlightAware and FlightConnections.com!

Charts for Melbourne

Australian Charts

• Be respectful of your fellow pilots
• Be aware of your surroundings during the event.
• We are not responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.
• Pay attention to IFATC instructions, if not available, use UNICOM mindfully.
• Have fun and enjoy the event!


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Hey! Nice event!

Could I request to control ground, tower, and atis frequencies? I’ll split during the event if it get’s busy.

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For the entire duration of the flyout?


Just for the 1st hour :)


Looks like a fun event I may join

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12AM for all AEST Aussies. Rip…


Yeah :( And a weekday

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Would certainly love to attend as it’s my home airport but unfortunately as mentioned above, it’s at 12AM for us Aussies who are on the East Coast.

For those that do attend, enjoy the best airport in Australia… no bias 😉


Event Update:

We have been discussing internally and have decided to shift the timing of the event 2 hours backwards with a start time of: 2022-08-29T12:00:00Z and an end time of 2022-08-29T16:00:00Z.

We can’t wait to see you there :)


I’m in! I’ll take a gate please

Hi @Stoicgamer89, this is a featured event therefore we don’t have any gate assignments, it’s free for all!


K thanks for clarifying! See you there!

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Only 1 day until the Event!

We can’t wait to see you all there!


Wow, lovely event! I will be there! :)

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Can’t wait for this

See you guys there 🤭

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Will definitely attend this one!

Oh boy I may use the A333 on YMML-YSSY as they use it irl a few times a week


But I probably will stick with the B738