29AUG21 / 1500Z The Mega Bangkok Fly-Out @VTBS

Introduction To The Event:

Hello everyone welcome to my 5th event on Infinite Flight! My newest event will be hosted at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Bangkok Airport is located in South East Asia and serves as Thailands biggest and busiest airport! VTBS is also home to Thai Airways. What makes this event location even better is that VTBS is now a 3D airport in Infinite Flight!

Anyways I thought this would be a nice place to host an event, please consider signing up!
(Gates listed below)

Event Specifics:

Server: #expert

Airport: Bangkok International Airport (VTBS)

Time & Date: 2021-08-29T15:00:00Z

Event Type: Fly-Out

Photos of VTBS



Thai Airways Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Auckland (3D) NZAA Thai Airways A350-900 Gate C01 @IF-CHILE Thai 491
Sydney (3D) YSSY Thai Airways 777-200ER Gate C02 @ Thai 475
Melbourne YMML Thai Airways 787-8 Gate C03 @ Thai 441
Perth YPPH Thai Airways A330-300 Gate C04 @ Thai 412
Jakarta WIII Thai Airways 777-200ER Gate C05 @ Thai 433
Singapore (3D) WSSS Thai Airways 777-200ER Gate C06 @Kostas_K Thai 403
Kuala Lumpur WMKK Thai Airways A330-300 Gate C07 @ Thai 404
Manila RPLL Thai Airways A350-900 Gate C08 @ Thai 620
Hong Kong VHHH Thai Airways A350-900 Gate C09 @Planecrazy747 Thai 600
Guangzhou ZGGG Thai Airways A330-300 Gate C10 @ Thai 601
Tapei RCTP Thai Airways A350-900 Gate D01 @ Thai 632
Shanghai ZSPD Thai Airways 787-8 Gate D02 @ Thai 602
Fukuoka RJFF Thai Airways A330-300 Gate D03 @ Thai 603
Osaka RJBB Thai Airways A350-900 Gate D04 @minimaster Thai 622
Nagoya RJGG Thai Airways A350-900 Gate D05 @ Thai 644
Tokyo Haneda (3D) RJTT Thai Airways A350-900 Gate D06 @RhendyAvGeek Thai 683
Tokyo Haneda (3D) RJTT Thai Airways 787-8 Gate D07 @Ethan_Brown Thai 682
Seoul RKSI Thai Airways 777-200ER Gate D08 @askrdl Thai 654
Beijing ZBAA Thai Airways A330-300 Remote Apron 115 @ Thai 605
Chengdu ZUUU Thai Airways A330-300 Remote Apron 116 @ Thai 606
Phuket VTSP Thai Airways 777-200ER Remote Apron 117 @ Thai 916
Dhaka VGHS Thai Airways 787-8 Remote Apron 118 @ Thai 607
Chennai VOMM Thai Airways 787-8 Remote Apron 119 @Captain_Dreamliner Thai 337
Bengaluru VOBL Thai Airways 787-8 Remote Apron 120 @ Thai 338
Hyderabad VOHS Thai Airways A330-300 Remote Apron 121 @Omkar_Rathi Thai 339
Mumbai (3D) VABB Thai Airways A350-900 Remote Apron 201 @HUMVEE Thai 317
New Delhi VIDP Thai Airways 777-200ER Remote Apron 202 @Raunak_Bhutani Thai 315
Karachi OPKC Thai Airways 787-8 Remote Apron 203 @ Thai 316
Lahore OPLA Thai Airways A330-300 Remote Apron 301 @ Thai 318
Zurich (3D) LSZH Thai Airways 787-8 Remote Apron 303 @ Thai 972
Frankfurt EDDF Thai Airways A350-900 Remote Apron 304 @ Thai 920
Paris (3D) LFPG Thai Airways 777-200ER Remote Apron 305 Thai 930
Brussels EBBR Thai Airways A350-900 Remote Apron 306 @Thai951 TGV 1002
Brussels EBBR Thai Airways A350-900 Remote Apron 302 @Emmanuel_Mgilane TGV 1006
London (3D) EGLL Thai Airways A380-800 Remote Apron 307 @Ritesh321 Thai 910
Copenhagen EKCH Thai Airways A350-900 Remote Apron 110 @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO Thai 950
Stockholm ESSA Thai Airways 777-200ER Remote Apron 111 @S1AM TGV 1001
Oslo ENGM Thai Airways 787-8 Remote Apron 112 @Loogie125 TGV 103

International Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Sydney (3D) YSSY Qantas A330-300 Gate E01 @Lachlanavitor Qantas 34
Melbourne YMML JetStar 787-8 Gate E02 @ JetStar 12
Jakarta WIII Garuda Indonesia 777-300ER Gate E03 @plane_guy12 Garuda 867
Singapore (3D) WSSS Singapore Airlines A350-900 Gate E04 @CptJackJones Singapore 705
Singapore (3D) WSSS Scoot 787-9 Gate E05 @ Scoot 611
Kuala Lumpur WMKK Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER Gate E06 @Captain_Yousef Malaysian 783
Ho Chi Minh VVTS Vietnam Airlines A350-900 Gate E07 Vietnam 331
Manila RPLL Philipine Airways A350-900 Gate E08 @RyMan Philipine 731
Hong Kong VHHH Cathay Pacific A330-300 Gate E09 @Aviatorwyatt Cathay 654
Guangzhou ZGGG China Southern A330-300 Gate E10 @thenewpilot China Southern 3082
Xiamen ZSAM Xiamen Air 787-8 Gate F01 @ Xiamen 834
Taipei RCTP Eva Air 777-300ER Gate F02 @ Eva 212
Taipei RCTP Air China A330-300 Gate F03 @ Air China 832
Shanghai ZSPD China Eastern A350-900 Gate F04 @ China Eastern 542
Osaka RJBB Japan Airlines 787-9 Gate F05 @ Japan 728
Tokyo Haneda (3D) RJTT Japan Airlines 787-9 Gate F06 @ Japan 34
Tokyo Narita RJAA ANA 787-10 Gate G01 @ ANA 806
Vladivostok UHWW S7 A319-100 Gate G02 @Arizona_Aviator S7 12
Novosibirsk UNNT S7 A319-100 Gate G03 @Macmillan S7 4
Kolkata VECC Spice Jet 737-900 Gate G04 @ Spice Jet 40
Colombo VCBI SriLankan Airlines A330-300 Gate G05 @ SriLankan 66
Mumbai (3D) VABB Spice Jet 737-900 Remote Stand 101 @ Spice Jet 10
Ahmedabad VAAH Spice Jet 737-900 Remote Stand 102 @ Spice Jet 16
New Dehli VIDP Spice Jet 737-900 Remote Stand 103 @plane_spotter_imphal Spice Jet 33
Muscat OOMS Oman Air A330-300 Remote Stand 104 @ Oman Air 55
Dubai (3D) OMDB Emirates A380-800 Remote Stand 105 @FirstOfficerLeon Emirates 376
Abu Dhabi OMAA Etihad Airways 777-300ER Remote Stand 106 @Maddix_M Etihad 405
Doha OTHH Qatar Airways 787-8 Remote Stand 107 @Andy_Nss Qatar 8791
Addis Ababa (3D) HAAB Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 Remote Stand 108 @salim_bello Ethiopian 619
Cairo HECA Egypt Air A330-300 Remote Stand 109 @ Egypt Air 45
Ammam OJAI Royal Jordanian 787-8 Remote Stand 122 @Alexian61 Royal Jordanian 61
Tel Aviv LLBG El Al 787-10 Remote Stand 123 @ El Al 88
Istanbul LTFM Turkish Airlines A330-300 Remote Stand 401 @ Turkish 69
Moscow UUEE Aeroflot 777-300ER Remote Stand 402 @Ivan_Lesch6666666666 Aeroflot 273
Helsinki EFHK Finnair A350-900 Remote Stand 403 @Pilot_Aaltonen Finnair 142
Vienna LOWW Austrian Airlines 777-200ER Remote Stand 501 @ch.glaser Austrian 26
Zurich (3D) LSZH Swiss Air A330-300 Remote Stand 502 @ Swiss 181
Frankfurt EDFF Lufthansa A330-300 Remote Stand 503 @ Lufthansa 773
Paris (3D) LFPG Air France 777-300ER Remote Stand 504 @William_Tin Air France 165
Amsterdam EHAM KLM 777-300ER Remote Stand 505 @ KLM 804
London (3D) EGLL British Airways 777-300ER Remote Stand 113 @MannyW-YT Speedbird 88
Saint Denis (3D) FMEE Air Austral 787-8 Remote Stand 114 @ Air Austral 7

Domestic Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Chiang Mai VTCC Thai Airways 777-200ER Gate A01 @samdog27 Thai 1064
Phuket VTSP Thai Airways 777-200ER Gate A02 @Servet_Uzunoglu Thai 916
Krabi VTSG Thai Airways A330-300 Gate A03 @ Thai 1060
Koh Samui VTSM Bangkok Air A319-100 Gate A04 @Nightt Bangkok 512
Sukhothai VTPO Bangkok Air 717-200 Gate A05 @DeltaFox Bangkok 667
Trat VTBO Bangkok Air 717-200 Gate A06 @ Bangkok 901
Chiang Mai VTCC Air Asia A320-200 Gate B01 @ Air Asia 215
Hat Yai VTSS Air Asia A320-200 Gate B02 @ Air Asia 413
Phuket VTSP Air Asia A320-200 Gate B03 @ Air Asia 231

Cargo Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Hong Kong VHHH Cargolux 747-8 Cargo 506 @ Cargolux 7204
Hong Kong VHHH Emirates Sky Cargo 777F Cargo 507 @ Sky Cargo 9216
Hong Kong VHHH Nippon Cargo 747-8 Cargo 508 @ Nippon Cargo 260
Hong Kong VHHH DHL 777F Cargo 509 @ DHL 842
Taipei RCTP Eva Air Cargo 777F Cargo 510 @ Eva Air Cargo 6056
Taipei RCTP Cargolux 747-8 Cargo 511 @ Cargolux 6105
New Delhi VIDP UPS MD-11F Cargo 512 @ UPS 15
Paris (3D) LFPG Air France Cargo 777F Cargo 513 @Tate_Wang Air France Cargo 6729
Tokyo Narita RJAA Nippon Cargo 747-8 Cargo 514 @ Nippon Cargo 254
Frankfurt EDDF AeroLogic 777F Cargo 508 @ AeroLogic 621


As of now we do not have ATC, if you would like to control any stations please let me know!

Ground: @Harsh_kumar

Tower: @Harsh_kumar

Departure: @

Bangkok Center: @


Rules and Notams
  • Please Spawn in 15-20 mins before flight

  • Please use the airline and airplane that is assigned to the flight you choose

  • I am NOT responsible for any violations, reports or other problems you may have while flying

  • All gates should fit the assigned aircraft, however if you have a problem with your gate please let me know!

  • No pattern work will be allowed

  • Once your signed up add this to your calendar so you can remember the date and not miss out!

  • FPL to IF (I recommend using this for making your flight plans)

Airport Chart

VTBS Charts

Event Sponsor:

Image from iOS (16)

This event is sponsored by @ThaiGroupVirtual

Thai Group Virtual was founded on May 19th, 2019 by 2 community members who had a goal in mind: bring something new and special to the Infinite Flight Community. These guys did exactly that. Thai Group Virtual is a unique Virtual Airline that gives pilots a welcoming environment along with a variety of thousands of routes, hundreds of aircraft and ranks to climb to unlock new routes as they go.

Anyways… Most Importantly I hope this event will be fun and enjoyable for everyone, I’d really appreciate it if you could signup :)


This one pls

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Sign me up for this one. Always love your events!

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I’ll take this one.

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Requesting this route please:

Can i get a aircraft switch to B788?

Thank You! :)

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@Aviatorwyatt , @Arizona_Aviator and @CptJackJones

Welcome to the VTBS fly-out! You have all been successfully signed up!


Hello @Captain_Dreamliner ,

Welcome to the event! You are successfully signed up. (I will change the aircraft!)

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Thank you!

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Thank You! :)

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This one pls!

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Hello @RyMan ,

Welcome to the event! You have been successfully signed up!

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Thanks man!

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Sign me for this one plz

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May I have the Air France cargo to Paris?

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@HUMVEE and @Tate_Wang you have been successfully signed up! Welcome to the event :)

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Okay sorry i made a mistake… i signed in other event ( jeddah ) a week ago and I found out its the same date and time as urs … sorry i cant make it


Nice event, Sorry I couldn’t join ur Halifax event and I can’t this one too since I have my own event at this time. Sorry, I will try to join the next event you make but

Nice event anyways

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Can i have this gate?

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|Dubai|OMDB|Emirates|777-300er|Gate E01|@|EK385|

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@FirstOfficerLeon and @Ritesh321 welcome to the Mega Bangkok Fly-Out! You have been signed up

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