29AUG2021 / 1341Z - Jet2 Vectors for Final Approach @ EGSS

Good afternoon!

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It certainly has been a while once again for me on Infinite Flight!
Work has been super , Super Busy lately, and I’ve been too tired to commit to Infinite Flight, based on the hours I have been doing!

Some of you may or may not know, I work at Stansted Airport. However I’m not allowed to share here who I work for and what my job title is. You can imagine based on where I work, that the hours I have to start and work are somewhat ridiculous 😂!

Outside of work my life has been busy, with family and personal needs. Chores, and what not.

Anyway, life story over, onto the content of this Community topic!

This afternoon when I had a short window free, I was looking out at the planes that were flying near to my house. Listening into Stansted Director on 136.200MHz on my Uniden UBC125XLT Handheld Scanner, I was listening to Channex 1482 (Jet2 Flight LS1482) inbound from Kos in Greece (LGKO). I was also tracking this flight on Flightradar24 on my iPad.
The vectors he was given meant he flew over my house…

Edited and Colour graded in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Aircraft details

Airframe: Boeing 737-8AS (B738)


Airline: Jet2

Livery: Red tail (Friendly Low Fares)

MSN: 33554

Mode S: 407913

Engines: 2x CFM56-7B26

Seat config: Y189

First flight: 19/11/2003

Age: 17.8 years

This flight was given its last vector, to turn right heading 300, and he was cleared for descend on the glide path, for the ILS approach Runway 4 at London Stansted EGSS.

A couple of minutes later he was handed over to Tower on 123.805MHz, where approach and landing clearance was issued behind an arriving company 737 in front of him.

Later the same aircraft had departed Stansted, heading to Furerteventura GCFV at 16:00 local (1500Z) as flight LS1451 Channex 63 Charlie Juliet (EXS63CJ)


Thanks for the extra details, and nice picture!

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