29AUG20 / 2000Z - Whacky Racing: CRJs and Volcanoes @ FGSL

So we’re ignoring this 757 that is spinning at ridiculous speeds? lmao

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Yes I did!!!

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Man I am missing out on the fun at the landing airport I still need to fly around a volcano

I’m making a topic about this.

Hey Misha, how can I be ATC on expert server?

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I’m laughing at that rn lmao

@Daniel_Albuquerque check out this topic. Great to see you’re interested in becoming IFATC.

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currently running from @MJP_27

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MJP, I crashed

That’s not good. Try to respawn in at FKKD

Is that me or is there a dude going crazy and spinning a lot 😂

Why are a bunch of CRJs setting up this road block

Because we are cool😎

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@Suhas I wonder who’s in front of you

@Suhas I’m on your right and @MJP_27 right to your left

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I wonder who’s in front of my F-14 staring down at the CRJ line

It’s the grade 5 line (mostly). Pretty cool.

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I am on your right ;)


When we hear IFC on Unicom saying clear of all runways. Come and try to find me!


I found you infront of me

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Found ya over here.

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