29AUG20 / 2000Z- Down by the Bay @KOAK

Welcome to the Oakland flyout, presented by @Flightistic and @mateo_botha! Join us for a flight from the beautiful and smoky bay area. We hope that you will join us, it’s going to be great.


A bit of info about KOAK

In 2019, 13,378,411 people traveled through OAK, making it the third-largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area (after San Francisco and San Jose). The airport is an operating base for Southwest Airlines and a focus city for Allegiant Air. As of June 2019, Southwest has 137 daily departures on peak-travel days of the week making it Southwest’s largest operation in California (by peak daily departures). Alaska Airlines combined with sister-carrier Horizon Air has been the second-busiest carrier at the airport through 2013. In January 2014, Delta overtook Alaska as the airport’s No. 2 carrier.

Source: Wikipedia, the picture and the text

FedEx Routes

MEM- MD-11:

AFW- 77F:

IND- MD-11:

SEA- MD-11: @Flightistic

YVR- DC-10:

SLC- 77F: @Darenrocks15

FAT- MD-11: @Mateo_Botha

HNL- MD-11:

LAS- 77F:

ANC- 77F:

PHX- DC-10:

EWR- MD-11:

NRT- 77F:

LAX- MD-11:

KIX- 77F:

RNO- C208:

PVG- 77F:

MRY- C208:

HAF- C208:

STS- C208: @GameBoy_KIRB

Passenger Routes

LAX, Southwest B738, G32:

SEA, Skywest E75L, G4:

PDX, Southwest B737, G31:

PHX, Southwest B737, G30:

LAS, Allegiant A320, G8A:

MCI, Southwest B737, G29:

SAN, Southwest B738, G28:

BUR, United CRJ7, G6:

KFLL, American A321, G8C:

MDW, Southwest B737 G27: @ORD777flyer

HNL, Southwest B738 G26:

DAL, Southwest B737 G25:

DEN, Southwest B738 G24:

GEG, Southwest B737 G23:

SLC, Southwest B737 G22:

BOI, Southwest B737 G21:

GDL, Volaris A319, G12:

HNL, Hawaiian B767, G11:

EGLL, Norwegian B789, G7A:

LFPG, Air France B772, G3A: @Capitan_Artem


We look forward to seeing you there!

Do you think I can do a 737-700 to MDW instead


Yes you certainly may! I will add you to the list


Thank you sir


Yeah, this one please


You got it!

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Alright, thank you very much!


You are very welcome sir

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Hey Mateo can I get the 77f to slc?


Sure thing! I’ll put you im

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You from the bay area?

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Yep! Do you want to join?

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I might. Let me get back to you on if I can come.


Can I take a fedex C208 flight to STS


Yes, you certainly may!

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Is there like a PM for this event

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I’m working on it right now 😉

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Omg I clearly forgot about it. When does it starts?

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It’s starts at 1PM PST

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Oh man, thanks so much

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