29AUG20 / 1600Z | Delta Virtual Presents: SkyTeam’s Rome Roundup @ LIRF!

When in rome

Delta Virtual is proud to present our next community event, taking us to beautiful Rome, Italy. Once the capital of the ancient Roman Empire, Rome represents the beauty of yesterday’s as well as today’s world, through its inspiring architecture and cultural centers. Join us as we depart from Europe’s 8th busiest airport, Rome–Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” International.

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Along the shores of the Tiber River lies Rome, the capital of Italy, it is highly regarded as the first-ever imperial city and metropolis. Often called “Caput Mundi” or Capital of the World, Rome’s 2 millennia history is one of the longest in Europe. Beyond the bones of an ancient empire lies a bustling metropolis.

Rome is the third most populous city in the European Union (EU), with over 4.3 million residents. Rome is most notable for its awe-inspiring architecture and historical sites. In 2019, Rome was the 11th most visited city in the world with 10.1 million tourists, the third most visited in the European Union, and the most popular tourist destination in Italy. Famous sites include the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, and the Roman Colosseum. Today, Rome has become an influential center of fashion and design through several renowned international brands calling the city home and Rome’s major movie studio, Cinecittà Studios, having been the set of multiple Academy Award-winning movies. The city’s beauty is echoed across the streets, fountains, and plazas; clearly there is a lot to love in beautiful Rome!

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Server: Expert

Airport: Rome–Fiumicino International Airport | LIRF

Time: 2020-08-29T16:00:00Z

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Rome–Fiumicino International Airport, also known as "Leonardo da Vinci International”, is a major European airport servicing Rome, Italy. As one of the busiest airports in Europe, with over 43 million passengers served in 2018, Leonardo da Vinci International serves as the central hub for Alitalia, the largest Italian airline, and Vueling, a Spanish low-cost carrier. Based on total passenger numbers, it is the eighth busiest airport in Europe and was the world’s 47th-busiest airport in 2017.

Class: Bravo

Elevation: 13’

Runway Dimensions
07/25 10,856’ x 148’
16L/34R 12,811’ x 197’
16R/34L 12,811’ x 197’

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Terminal 1 - (Reserved for Skyteam, FULL)

Terminal 1 is used by Alitalia and Skyteam

UX - Air Europa
SU - Aeroflot Russian Airlines
AR - Aerolineas Argentinas
AF - Air France
AZ - Alitalia
CI - China Airlines
MU - China Eastern Airlines
CZ - China Southern Airlines
DL - Delta Airlines
KE - Korea Air

Terminal 3 (27 gates remaining)

Terminal 3 is the largest terminal and used by most airlines

A3 - Aegean Airlines
EI - Aer Lingus
BT - Air Baltic
CA - Air China
AI - Air India
TS - Air Transat
AZ - Alitalia
OZ - Asiana Airlines
OS - Austrian Airlines
J2 - Azerbaijan Airlines
BA - British Airways
CX - Cathay Pacific Airways
OU - Croatia Airlines
EZY - easyJet
MS - Egypt Air
EK - Emirates
ET - Ethiopian
EY - Etihad
EW - Eurowings
AY - Finnair
BE - Flybe
A5 - Hop!
IB - Iberia
LH - Lufthansa
LG - Luxair
DY - Norwegian Air Shuttle
QR - Qatar Airways
AT - Royal Air Maroc
RJ - Royal Jordanian
FR - RyanAir
SK - SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SV - Saudi Arabian Airlines
SQ - Singapore Airlines
TP - TAP Portugal
TG - Thai Airways International
TK - Turkish Airlines
VY - Vueling
W6 - WizzAir

Terminal 5 / Remote Stands (8 gates remaining)

Terminal 5 / Remote Stands is used by all North American and Israeli carriers, as well as Alitalia.

AC - Air Canada
AZ - Alitalia
AA - American Airlines
DL - Delta Airlines
LY - El Al
LA - Latam
UA - United Airlines

Gate assignments are listed below


  • This is a choose your own route event- it is your responsibility to find your route. But don’t worry, we have a couple of resources to help:
  • Please spawn at your assigned gate 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.
  • Please be respectful of Unicom or IFATC (if present).
  • Act professionally at all times.
  • You are responsible for your flight plan and fuel. Use resources such as #ground-school or fpltoif.com.
  • Pilots may use SIDs and STARs. These can be found on skyvector.com .
  • More gates will be added as needed.


The new Alitalia Virtual was founded in June 2020 with the purpose of replicating the operations of Italy’s leading airline group, Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana, S.p.A. – on the Infinite Flight platform. We have ambitions to become the leading VA representing Italy and its pilots on Infinite Flight. At AZVA, we offer a laid-back but professional environment, where our pilot members can improve their flying skills while having fun. A varied fleet with 10 distinct aircraft and an expansive network with over 105 destinations are just two of the reasons to join!

Website | Instagram | Join Us | IFC Thread

Featured Routes:

Short :
LIRF-LFPG // AZ // A321 // 1:45

LIRF-EHAM // KL - AZ // B737, B739 (KL) - A320, A321 (AZ) // 2:09

Medium :
LIRF-LLBG // AZ // A321 // 2:59

Long :
LIRF-KATL // DL // A333 // 10:52

Ultra-long :
LIRF-KLAX // AZ // B772 // 12:40

AZ - Alitalia
DL - Delta Airlines

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Delta Virtual Air Lines is a non-profit organization and is made to give our pilots the most professional and realistic flying experience in the Mobile Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We have nearly 350 destinations along with over 1,500 routes. We are always open and welcoming to having new pilots join. Just simply fill out the pilot application and get a reasonable grade on your written test and you’ll be a pilot in no time. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc.
All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

Event Coordinators

This event is brought to you by the Delta Virtual Event Team in coordination with the Delta Virtual Board of Directors.

Two Truths and a Lie:

The rules are simple, below are 3 statements about Rome–Fiumicino International, pick the one that you think is the lie!

  • During construction, the remains of Caligula’s Giant Ship were found.
  • Despite being officially opened in 1961, Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport had actually been in operation since August 20, 1960.
  • Rome–Fiumicino International is currently the only commercial airport serving Rome in-operation.

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Terminal 1 - Reserved for SkyTeam, FULL

Air Europa, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air France, Alitalia,
China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Delta Airlines, KLM, Korea Air

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot / Callsign
T1 Gate 402 A321 LFPG AZ @Smax / DLVA857
T1 Gate 404 A321 LIMC AZ @MJP_27 / KVG027
T1 Gate 405 A321 EHAM AZ @Luke_Sta / DLVA212
T1 Gate 406 A321 LFPG AZ @Miguel_Lara / AZVA02
T1 Gate 407 A321 LYBE AZ @Ivan0921 / AZVA06
T1 Gate 408 A321 LIMF AZ @Davide_DC / AZVA04
T1 Gate 409 A321 EGLL AZ @Matt_Masiello / DLVA024
T1 Gate 410 A321 LIPZ AZ @AliAlex / AZVA01
T1 Gate 411 B739 EHAM KL @Gavin_I / DLVA1506
T1 Gate 412 A333 KATL DL @PlaneGeek / DLVA636

Terminal 3 - 27 gates remaining

Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air Baltic, Air China, etc.

For the full airline list, see “Terminal Info” above

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot / Callsign
T3 Gate 601 B738 LIBR FR @Thunderbolt / T-BOLT
T3 Gate 602 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 603 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 604 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 605 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 606 Up to A333/B763
T3 Gate 607 B777 LFPO AF @Oskapew / DLVA4476
T3 Gate 608 Up to A333/B763
T3 Gate 609 Up to 744
T3 Gate 610 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 611 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 612 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 613 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 614 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 701 Up to 744
T3 Gate 702 Up to 744
T3 Gate 703 Up to 744
T3 Gate 704 Up to 744
T3 Gate 705 Up to 744
T3 Gate 706 Up to 744
T3 Gate 707 Up to 744
T3 Gate 708 A359 WSSS SV @HappyDays / SVA483
T3 Gate 709 Up to 744
T3 Gate 710 Up to 744
T3 Gate 711 Up to 744
T3 Gate 803 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 804 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 805 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 806 Up to A321/B739
T3 Gate 807 Up to A321/B739

Terminal 5 / Remote Stands - 7 gates remaining

Air Canada, Alitalia, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, El Al, Latam, United Airlines

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot / Callsign
Remote Stand 809 B772 KATL DL @SirMarkieMark / DLVA1906
Remote Stand 811 B744 KJFK DL @RTG113 / DLVA1148
Remote Stand 813 B772 KLAX AZ @Gaming_sniper / DLVA8906
Remote Stand 820 B772 KLAX AZ @Ramzi_Khairan / DLVA410
Remote Stand 821 B772 KLAX AZ @mkwiecek / DLVA2549
Remote Stand 822 B772 KLAX AZ @Twayne / DLVA1284
Remote Stand 823 A333 KATL DL @AviatorGamerYT / DLVA1625
Remote Stand 824 B739 EHAM KL @Gritz / DLVA772
Remote Stand 825 Up to A321/B739
Remote Stand 826 Up to A321/B739
Remote Stand 827 Up to A321/B739
Remote Stand 828 Up to A321/B739
Remote Stand 829 Up to A321/B739
Remote Stand 831 B772 KLAX AZ @Skydriver900 / AZVA11
Remote Stand 833 A350 KATL DL @Capt_Jim / DLVA1270
Remote Stand 835 B772 KLAX AA @Ainesh_Kumar / N779W
Remote Stand 901 B772 KBOS DL @Ross / DLVA1397
Remote Stand 902 A359 KPHX DL @Apollo_Yuh / DLVA121
Remote Stand 903 Up to 744
Remote Stand 904 Up to 744

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Simply post below asking for a gate to join the flight. Please include your callsign, gate, airline, and your destination airport! You will be placed in the next available gate and tagged in a response confirming that you are attending.

DLVA members are asked to give their DLVA callsign with their signup post.

We can’t wait to see you at Skyteam’s Rome Roundup!


Will come one day

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I’ll take the featured route to LFPG please- DLVA857 ! thanks :)

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I’ll take this gate please! DL A330-300 to Atlanta. DLVA636.

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Ill take the following please:
DLVA1906 // LIRF-KATL // DL // B772 // 10:52 // Gate 412

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I’ll take a Ryanair 737 to Brindisi (LIBR), you guys can assign me any gate. Thanks.


Gate 412 to Atlanta is all yours! Thanks for signing up!


Hey there! Is Terminal 5 - Remote Stand 809 okay?

Thanks for signing up! Terminal 3 Gate 601 is all yours. Happy flying :)


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Sign me up - DLVA1148 / 747-400 / KJFK

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@RTG113, you’ve got it! You’re all set for Terminal 5 - Remote Stand 811, enjoy the hop to KJFK :)


I would like to attend.

Gate: T1 Gate 404
Aircraft: A321
Destination: Milan Malpensa LIMC
Airline: AZ
Callsign: KVG027

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I’m cool with that. I was just a little to slow for that 412 gate…lol

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I’ll take a gate up to Amsterdam Please! Alitalia A321 - DLVA212

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@MJP_27, can’t make it easier than that! T1 Gate 404 is yours, thanks for signing up!


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@SirMarkieMark, no worries haha! Terminal 5 - Remote Stand 809 is all you, enjoy the hop to Atlanta, GA.

@Luke_Sta, T1 Gate 405 is yours! Enjoy your featured route to EHAM :)


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Can I have a gate for LIRF-KLAX for DLVA8906


Which aircraft?

B772 alitalia

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any gate to KLAX please DLVA410

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I’d like a gate for LIRF-KLAX on the B772 please, callsign AZVA01

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