29AUG20 / 1300Z/1500Z/1700Z - Sun, Sea, & Sand! @ Many Airports

sorry, I don’t think Ryanair fly to Gibraltar:) I’ll check


@Marcel001 ok so you have a few options. Ryanair don’t fly EGSS-LXGB IRL. So you can…

  1. Fly Ryanair on that route anyway - which I would prefer you didn’t, but I don’t mind
  2. You could fly Ryanair to Malaga from Stansted - which I know isn’t quite what you’re looking for but is more realistic
  3. I can suggest / you can choose another route
    Shame because Gibraltar is beautiful 😍I tried to find routes from all the departure airports
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So I could fly easy!

Sorry, I’m slightly confused on what you want to do. I am still unable to find any realistic flights from Stansted To Gibraltar. You could fly from Luton (EGGW) on an easyJet A319. Although, as Luton isn’t in the event list, I wouldn’t be able to sign you up. You could still fly at the same time though on that route.
You could fly from Stansted to Gibraltar. But like I said, that wouldn’t be realistic. Ordinarily, it would be fine. But
I have received some feedback about realism on past events.
Or, I am working on a suggested routes section of the thread. So, you could wait for that, and take your pick from there.
The only other option I can find is to fly to Malaga, which is quite close to Gibraltar.
Sorry for all this :)

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I am working on a list of airlines and destinations per departure airport to make choosing a route much easier. Hopefully, this will make it easier to pick your route.

Okay, I’ll wait for the Suggested Routes.

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No problem! They should be ready between tomorrow and Saturday:)

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List Of Destinations, Airlines, And Respective Aircraft Types

NOTE: if multiple airlines and aircrafts are used, each are in the respective order. e.g. if Jet2 is listed first (on a 757), and Ryanair is lised second (on a 737), the aircraft will be listed in the order of 757, 737. Hopefully it makes sense when you see it. I currently have finished with the list for Stansted,and still working on the rest. I will post them all here as they come.
Oh, and I have tried to get every route I can find. But, if there is one I am missing, feel free to suggest it and/or sign up for it.

London Stansted (STN/EGSS)
DEST ICAO Operator(s) A/C Type(s)
LEBB easyJet A320-200
LEGE Ryanair B737-800
LEBL Ryanair B737-800
LEVC Ryanair B737-800
LEIB Ryanair + Jet2 + easyJet B737-800 + B737-800 + A319-100/A320-200
LEPA Ryanair + Jet2 + easyJet B737-800 + B737-800 + A320-200
LEMH Jet2 Airbus A321-200 (Generic)
LEAL Ryanair + Jet2 B737-800 + B737-800
LELC Ryanair B737-800
LEAM Ryanair B737-800
LEMG Ryanair + Jet2 B737-800 + B737-800
LPMA Jet2 B737-800
GCRR Ryanair B737-800
GCFV Ryanair B737-800
GCLP Ryanair B737-800
GCTS Ryanair B737-800
LPPT Ryanair B737-800
LPPR Ryanair B737-800
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Fact About Our Destinations

Each day, I will be posting a random fact about one of our featured destinations. Today, it’s Tenerife. The flag of Tenerife is actually, believe it or not, the same as that of Scotland, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
This is because St. Andrew is the patron saint of the island. On Tenerife, he is known as San Andres. I thought this would be better than just you average bump reply.

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Fact About Our Destinations

I have two facts today! One you already probably know, but, yeah.

Today’s featured destination is Madeira!

  1. Madeira Funchal has one of the most challenging approaches in the world. If you don’t know about it, you can look it up. But, basically, you have to turn nearly 180° at low altitude, and if you overshoot that turn you’ll end up on the side of a mountain. It also must be flown manually, and is a captains only landing.
  2. Madeira Island has the largest firework display in the world. Bet you didn’t know that!

See you tomorrow! And of course feel free to sign up :)

Did you read the event details and/or the NOTAM?

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Oh sorry! There was so many text I got confused Sorry

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No worries! :)

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Fact About Our Destinations

Today, it’s Vigo! 🇪🇸
Vigo is one of the biggest and most important fishing ports in all of Europe. Known for it’s freezing and canning, the Vigo fishing industry generates 6,000 jobs, 357 local fishing companies which collaboratively turn over 3 billion euros every year.

i’m starting to run out of facts, if you have a suggestion, please feel free to PM me! Oh, and I also currently have 0 sign-ups, so, if you want… you know… please sign up :) 😂

Fact About Our Destinations

Today we come to Menorca
So, what source do you have with your food? Barbecue? Ketchup? Mayonnaise? Well, did you know Mayonnaise originates from Menorca, in the mid 1700s. The largest city on the island is Mahon. If you say Mahon properly, you’ll notice it sounds like Mayonnaise.

oh, and please sign up :) kind of struggling to fill the gates here

Also, side note: the list of suggested routes is coming. I got very busy IRL unexpectedly.

Two Weeks To Go!

Well, with only two weeks until the event, and still no sign-ups, this could very will be cancelled. I would like to run a poll to find out why people haven’t signed up for feedback.

So, why have you personally not chosen to sign up?

  • Not interested in this event. i.e. the location
  • I don’t understand the purpose of the event
  • I can’t make that date/time.
  • I have signed up for another event at this time.
  • I am waiting for some more suggested routes
  • Other (state below please)

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Also, sorry to any who are waiting for them, the suggested routes are coming,

Sign me up to Madeira from EGSS in gate A02 on a RyanAir B738 pls!

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I can do a Jet2 738 to Madeira, but Ryanair don’t fly that route. Is that OK?

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