29AUG20 / 0900Z - Summer Holiday In The Balkans! @ LBBG, LGKR, LDSP and LYTV

Hi there
Can I take the EasyJet route to Bristol from Corfu please

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Of course! I’m just going to need a callsign so I can sign you up.

Callsign will be EZYVA508

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You’re all set!

I’ll take this one please FRVA118

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Could you please tell me the start airport?

Corfu please

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You’re signed up. Thank you and I hope to see you there!

Giving the thread a little bump. Come on, guys, there’s stil plenty of space left!

Can I have a Vueling gate to Rome please, TUIVA014

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There’s two airports that have flights to Rome: Corfu and Split. Which one would you like? You can take both if you want

I wrote the wrong text completely for some reason, Split to Rome BAVA159 please

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You’re signed up @FlyCymru101! Thank you for showing interest and I hope to see you there tomorrow.

On that note, I’d like to say that the event is tomorrow and there is still plenty of space left. Sign up for the event and fly around this beautiful region of Europe!

Hi! I would like to sign up. I will be flying the following:
LBBG - EPGD | FR4046/RYR4046 | Boeing 737
LBBG - EPKK | FR3715/RYR36WL | Boeing 737

The callsign will Ryanair (flight number) for each flight. I also endeavour to do the return leg of each flight.

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You’re signed up. Thank you for participating!

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