29APR22 / 1730Z - HEL of a Group Flight vol.3 @ ESSA

Hey IF community !

It’s time for the third - HEL of a Group flight.
Departure airport ARN/ESSA, Destination HEL/EFHK. Spawn in at 1715Z, Copy flight plan from me, Pilot_Aaltonen. Departure around 1730Z. Flight time estimation 45 mins.

Looking forward to see you there!

As always on Expert Server:
Respect other pilots and stay professional.
If ATC is active, please follow instructions.

Photo credits (- - - Airport Overview - Airport Overview - Control Tower at Helsinki - Vantaa | Photo ID 417272 | Airplane-Pictures.net)

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No idea why its showing on main page, that the event is in 4hrs. It’s in 1 hour *;)

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I’ll join
Two makes a group… or at least a pair. 😅

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Exactly :D

Nice to have you @AntonFI and @FlyingElmer joining !
Flightplan is ready to be copied

Thanks for joining ♥️✈️😎


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