29APR21 / 1750Z - San Juan to Orlando @ TJSJ to KMCO


  • Aircraft and Livery: Pick an Airline an Aircraft Jetblue, Southwest, Frontier, Spirit⬅ these airlines Does that Flight

  • Route: TJSJ - KMCO

  • Time of Departure: 1:50PM New york USA time

  • Server: training

  • *Cruise: FL360

  • *Speed Mach: M.79

  • *Terminals:
    Jetblue Terminal: A

Spirit Terminal and Gate: B2 B4 B6

Southwest Terminal and Gate: B3 B5 B7

Frontier Terminal: C … American Uses that Terminal Too

I will go with Southwest If u want ima be in Gate B5 u could be In B7 or B3 dosent matters

Taxiing with information November and Sierra

Departure RWY 08

Arrival RWY: MCO changes alot im not Sure

I want 15 miles Distance Please Be 1,000ft Higher Than a plane And 15 miles of distance

Thank u

And distance in Taxiing too

***** MCO ****** Airlines Gates

Jetblue, Frontier

Northwest Terminal

Southwest Northeast terminal

Spirit South west Terminal

For communication we will use Instagram

My Instagram is


If u dont have it I have discord

Here is my discord server!

  • Additional Information: Flight plan just cooy mines

Text me if u want to do a group flight

Hey there!

Your group flight needs to take place within the next 3 hours, and your title is incorrect. Can you please have a look at the link down below for future reference.

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Mines is Correct what are u talking about

Your title is incorrect, it needs to go DDMONYY / HHMMZ - Title @ICAO to ICAO

And, your group flight does not start within the next 3 hours.

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You’re right regarding the tittle, but the time is correct. Its currently 10:35 am EST time, from 10:36 to 1:50pm there are 3hrs and 13 minutes if im not mistaken


Also, add the flight time, cruising altitude, mach speed etc.

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You are correct about the time, I disregarded the fact that I am 3 hours behind, but as stated in the rules of the category, not 3+ hours but within 3 hours. Please take a look at what is said in the official category rules.

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Im not taking an argument here, have a nice day.


Thank who edit it thank u

Thanks do u have instagram ??

Are u going to this flight ???

Yes sir, I do

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I dont know, im in class

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Ok I’ll wait for u

In 10 min we start

Who is going i cant wait alot im delayed

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