28OCT21 / 2100Z - Saint Barthélemy Landing Competition @ TNCM

Event Specifics

Origin Airport Destination Airport Livery Aircraft Flight Duration Server
TNCM TFFJ FedEx/DHL/Air Caraïbes C208 0:20 Expert Server

3,500 Feet
125 Knots

Thursday, October 28, 2021 9:00 PM


I’ll join!

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I’m coming

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I’m not super confident about this one. Remember what happened last group flight in Alaska?

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Flight begins in 10 Minutes

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I’m joining! Great idea :)

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sounds cool, I will join as well!

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@Balloonchaser can I spawn in to TNCM to judge?

@Balloonchaser ready to go?

Is this gong to be a VFR flight?

Ready to roll. Lets gooooo!

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Yes it will be.

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Landing portion will be over at TFFJ. But personally, I would love to watch you ‘attempt’ to land ;)

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  • Caution mountain on short final – You’re going to want to basically “stall” right over the mountain

You’re Going To Be Graded By…

  • Centerline (0 to 5 Points)
  • Smoothness (0 to 5 Points)
  • Touchdown Zone (0 to 5 Points)
  • Flare (0 to 5 Points)
  • Not Crashing (0 or 5 Points)

Good Luck!

I just realized I landed without flaps 😳

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oh my :D i crashed into the hill :)

If you wanna do a quick pattern from TFFJ and land last - I’d be willing to let you have a second chance

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@RTG113 that has to be up there for the win

haha no its okay I have to go. a mighty 0 pts for me :D