28OCT21 / 1900Z - Whacky Racing: Big Engines, Big Mountains @ CYVR

Welcome back to Whacky Racing! We’re happy you’ve chosen this event to let your weirdness, impressive inverted flying abilities, and all-around goofiness. If you’re new here, this event series takes us into the funny side of flying on Infinite Flight, allowing you to fly races and aircraft that might not otherwise go together. In this series, we’ll use everything from the F14 to the DC-10F, the A350 to the XCub, and a whole lot more!

In this event, we’ll hop in the extremely powerful B77W. The course takes us north from Vancouver, twisting in amongst the incredible mountains in the area. The route won’t be easy, but it’ll be a whole lot of fun and will test your pilot skills to the max, especially upon landing. The flight will also take almost double the time of a normal Whacky Racing, so you’ll have to put maximum brainpower into staying in the air!

Don’t forget to post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #whackyracing. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos! You can also follow us on Twitch and YouTube to watch all our live streams each week!

Event Details

Event Specifics

Server: Casual
Aircraft: B77W
Livery: Any

Event Plan

  1. Spawn at CYVR
  2. Fly the route set out by red TFR rings
  3. Land at CYBL

Aircraft must follow the route set out by TFR gates. You must land and stop at CYBL to complete the event. Aircraft will be disqualified if they do not follow the route, crash, or do not use the correct aircraft.

Begin - Thursday 28th October @ 19:00 ZULU

End - Thursday 28th October @ 20:00 ZULU

October 28, 2021October 28, 2021

NOTAMs Aircraft will be disqualified if rules are broken. This is a voluntary event with no prize for the winner [bar bragging, of course]


Awesome event Misha. Love the location choice. The Canadian Rockies have some of the best mountains in the world.

Also Im first llol


Second LOL. Did some recent flights with ACVA out of YVR and Kelowna. all flights going and criss-crossing the rockies. Great selection @MishaCamp


Ooh… Doing a Caribbean flight so can’t attend this one


Sounds quite fun, I love the Rockies scenery
Shame I can’t attend because of school

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I will be in

yea the route is Great
Shame i’ll be sleeping so i cant show people my crashing skillls :(

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I would have just landed from Dubai, into Stansted on the Expert Server!

Perfect timing 👍🏻👍🏻

I feel like this should be branded as “Air Canada Gone Wrong” just from personal opinions

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Right On @MishaCamp! Thanks for bringing in CYVR. Alrighty Canuckleheads 🇨🇦 (Canadians) Let’s Show them how to fly in Those Rockies …EH❕…🥶😜


WSVG will be watching in peril as their airspace rights are violated for a plane crash waiting to happen😂😂

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Yeah I’m in that event too

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I’m gonna win.



Are few people are off now, but we will have a second one going in 1h. If you can come we’ll see you there!

Not if I beat you first 👀

I win 🏆🥇

Thanks for a great and fun race guys, especially @MishaCamp !


Twas a good race Hoss. Too bad you lost :)

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Is this jealousy because you crashed first?

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