28OCT21 / 17Z - The new London Stansted flyout @ EGSS

London Stansted Is one of the busiest airports in the UK and with the most recent update making it 3D I thought this would be the perfect time to have a flyout!

Event details

Server: Expert

Airport: London Stansted EGSS

Time: 2021-10-28T17:00:00Z

Gate Reservation 

To request a gate please say what airline aircraft route and gate you want! To keep things realistic please only request airlines routes and aircraft that operate in real life!

Atc status

Tower: @CompetitiveDivide320
Ground: @CompetitiveDivide320

Main Airlines at EGSS

Easyjet, Emirates, Jet2, Ryanair, Tui, Turkish airlines

Gates and terminal

Terminal A

Gate C50
Gate C51
Gate C52 @Shamalnalluri12 - Emirates 777
Gate C53R
Gate C53L
Gate D65R
Gate D65L
Gate D63
Gate D62
Gate D61

Terminal B

Gate B30
Gate B31
Gate B32 @Eric_Moraes Ryanaur
Gate B33 @MainSky - Ryanair 737
Gate B34 @SkyUp - Ryanair 737
Gate C45R
Gate C45L
Gate C44
Gate C43
Gate C42
Gate C41
Gate C40

Terminal C

Gate A10
Gate A11
Gate A12
Gate A13 @michaelbrown246
Gate A14
Gate A15
Gate B25R
Gate B24
Gate B23
Gate B22
Gate B21
Gate B20

Cargo gates

Cargo gates

Cargo gate Z204 @AndrewGraham - 777F
Cargo gate Z205 @askrdl - 777F
Cargo gate Z213
Cargo gate Z214


comment here what flight you want to do and what gate

Can we do cargo ? If so il request Cargo A4 Aerologic 777F please.

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yeah I will add cargo now!

@AndrewGraham Could you go to gate Z204 instead!

Can I get a cargo gate for a Qatar B77F to Doha? Flight number is QR8174

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Gate Z205. Thanks for joining!

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Sounds good, I’d love to join if I can!

Just to note though…

There is also an A11 L and R, an A12 L and R and A13 L and R

There are also stands A15 L and R

There is also a B25L

There are also stands B24 L and R, stands B23 L and R and stands B22 L and R

I know this because I work at Stansted Airport and work around this area with these stands in real life. The stands I mentioned the L and R (Left and Right) stands are used for short haul aircraft 😊

However having said that, stands A12 and A13 are often kept clear for long haul aircraft like the Emirates and Air India (pre-Covid) which can use the stands you quoted.

Hope this helps 😊


should I add the L and R for the gates?

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It’s up to you

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you want to do a flight?

I’ll let you know tomorrow if that’s okay 😊

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If any IFATC could join that would be greatly appreciated!


Hmm … I would like to try to visit the event never been there


what flight and gate do you want?

Time at Grinvich?

Z204 sure thing

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gate and route!

Gate B34

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Hi, I would like to fly Emirates to Dubai (OMDB), Gate: C52, Terminal A.
Call Sign: Emirates 12 Heavy