28OCT21 / 1700Z - Islamabad Flyout (OPIS)

Islamabad (OPIS) Flyout


what better way to welcome a new 3D airport other than a flyout


New Islamabad international airport (OPIS) commenced operation in May 2018 replacing the old airport. Two main Airlines of Pakistan; PIA & Airblue have shifted their hubs to Islamabad since. Before the pandemic traffic was increasing sharply at this airport, hopefully, it will again once these hard times for aviation are over.
read more about OPIS here

If you want to join,you can select any available flight from the table and reply to the thread and you'll be added *
Gate Airline Aircraft Callsign Destination ICAO flight time Pilot
20 dom. PIA B77L Pakistan 303 Karachi (3D) OPKC 1hr 45m @Umar_Anwar
03 int. PIA B77L Pakistan 233 Dubai (3D OMDB 3hr @Zuhayr_Shahid
04 int. Qatar airways A350 Qatari 633 Doha (3D) OTHH 3hr 30m -
05 int. Emirates 77W Emirates 615 Dubai (3D) OMDB 3hr 20m @Captainhawkrige
06 int. Fly dubai 737-800 Sky Dubai 258 Dubai (3D) OMDB 3hr 20m -
07 int. Etihad 777 or 787 Etihad 232 Abu Dhabi OMAA 3hr 20m -
08 int. PIA B77L Pakistan 781 Toronto CYYZ 13hr -
09 int. Oman air A330-300 Oman Air 348 Muscat OOMS 3hr -
17 int. Virgin A330-300 Virgin379 London (3D) EGLL 8hr 30m -
18 int. British airways B777 Speed bird 260 London (3D) EGLL 8 hr 30m -
10 remote Turkish airlines A330-300 Turkish 711 Istanbul (3D) LFTM 6hr -
02 remote Saudia Arabian airlines 77W Saudia 727 Jeddah (3D) OEJN 5hr -

If an IFATC member could operate the ATC it will just make this even better

ATC Operator
Ground -
Tower -
Departure -

Note: Since the topic has been closed if anyone wants to join feel free to PM me
Looking forward to flying with you all


Sign me up for Pakistan 233

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OPKC-OPIS AP-UMR @Captainhawkrige

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