28NOV21 / 0100Z - Heading to USA Flyout @ YSSY




Like many of you here now reading this thread, we imagine that you all have had the experience of having West Coast airports featured in the IFATC weekly roster. Traffic in that region is always heavy, so we decided to offer the opportunity to share the same terminal in Sydney Kingsford Intl (YSSY) for departure flights to the USA.

Continue reading the details of the event, after that choose your flight and give a reply.


The event is in Flyout mode, this means that all flights must depart at approximately the same time from Sydney (YSSY). The departure time will be 0100Z on the 28th. We recommend that you arrive at the terminal approximately 30 minutes beforehand to guarantee the gate. If the gate was already occupied, select another one without prior notice.

Headlands in use will be defined by weather conditions at the time of the event.

PM will be sent to confirm flight STATUS, stay tuned!


The event’s airports are featured on the ATC monthly scale, the trend is for frequencies to be fully equipped.

Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.


Honolulu Flights

Sydney YSSY PHNL Honolulu

Flight Time Estimated: 09:55

Flight Range: 5074 miles

TERMINAL/GATE: Intl - 51, 53, 57

Airline Callsign Aircraft Pilot
Hawaiian Airlines HK452 B763
Jetstar JQ3 B788
Qantas QF103 A333

San Francisco Flights

Sydney YSSY KSFO San Francisco

Flight Time Estimated: 13:30

Flight Range: 7420 miles

TERMINAL/GATE: Intl - 58, 59

Airline Callsign Aircraft Pilot
Qantas QF73 B789
United Airlines UA870 B789

Los Angeles Flights

Sydney YSSY KLAX Los Angeles

Flight Time Estimated: 13:45

Flight Range: 7490 miles

TERMINAL/GATE: Intl - 60, 61, 63, 56

Airline Callsign Aircraft Pilot
American Airlines AA72 B789
Delta DL40 A359
Qantas QF11 B789
United Airlines UA842 B789

Dallas Flight

Sydney YSSY KDFW Dallas

Flight Time Estimated: 15:20

Flight Range: 8575 miles


Airline Callsign Aircraft Pilot
Qantas QF7 B789

Houston Flight

Sydney YSSY KIAH Houston

Flight Time Estimated: 15:15

Flight Range: 8593 miles


Airline Callsign Aircraft Pilot
United Airlines UA100 B789



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Awesome event. 🤩


I hope it’s a good event!


we are back to the game :)

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