28NOV20 / 21:30Z -@ KDFW to KATL (CANCELED)


  • Aircraft and Livery: B777-200F Korean cargo

  • Route: KDFW-KATL

  • Time of Departure: 1:00PST 21:30Z

  • Server: Training


  • Additional Information:
    Copy flight plan
    Join around 1:20
    Cargo IAC at DFW
    south cargo at ATL
    I would like to have at least 7 people

The title is not right please have Date / Time - Title Airport to Airport.

Im down Ill be in a Fedex 777 what time should I spawn

1:20PST 4:20EST you can join

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Hi Thorroy, please check the title guidelines in the category rules, as it seems you’ve had a bit of trouble with it recently

@Devon is that ok

yes ill be there

Ok see you then

@Alexander_Nikitin you forgot to take this part out Kdfw-Katl.

I didn’t forget, empty title isn’t cool and I don’t have a catchy name for this

No there’s two KDFW-KATL.

None of these airlines fly this route ;___;

The Korean Air 777F does, though 👀

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Oh ok sorry

@Devon sorry did not know that FedEx, DHL and aerologic don’t do that flight so is it ok if you can do Korean cargo

that works

Ok sorry about that

@PilotA320 can you join

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I can’t I’m studying for my written exam in the future yes I can come.

Ok see you next time

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See you next time.