28NOV20 / 1900Z - Sunny Doha to Beautiful Hong Kong! Qatar 777-300ER | @OTHH-VHHH

Hey Everyone! Thanks for checking out my event :)

Hopefully you are able to join me on this great and scenic flight from Doha, Qatar to Hong Kong. Im so exited to fly with all of you! One of my favorite parts about this event is that I will be making a timelapse out of this flight on my YT channel Nolan’s Aviation (The link will be down further below)

I will also be happy to give a shout out to all who join, as a big thanks for joining me on this flight!


Server: *Expert Server

Airport: *Takeoff from OTHH (Doha, Qatar) (With ATC, as this is the main hub on Saturday)

Time: *1900Z

Estimated Flight Time- 7 hours 25 minutes

Airline- Qatar Airways

Aircraft- Boeing 777-300ER

Cursing for Altitude- 370-390FT/FL (MSL)

Cruising Speed- Mack .83-.85

Fuel- Coming Soon

Passengers- Coming Soon

Cargo- Max (44,092) pounds

Flight Plan- Coming very soon

Time to choose your Gate! (More can be added if needed)

Gates At Doha (Concourse B) (Only 1 Gate Left!)
Gate B01- IFC Name
Gate B02- @AZ001
Gate B03- @Deltadev13
Gate B04- @IG_InfiniteflightNYC
Gate B05- @Owen_Fask
Gate B06- @Tomato_Blast
Gate B07- @nolan_brant12 (My Gate)
Gate B08- @ORD777flyer
Gate B09- @shayaanahmed247
Gate B10- @Mr_Young


Spawn in area (Concourse B)

Where you need to taxi as well as departure Runway

Aircraft- Boeing 777-300ER (773/77W) (Qatar Airways Regular Livery)


I do not want to be super specific on where to park, but WHO EVER IS THE FIRST PERSON TO LAND, please pick any gate at this terminal, and EVERY ONE PART NEXT TO EACH OTHER WHERE THE FIRST PERSON PARKED. Thank you

Social Media Links-

(Brand New YT channel) All real world aviation

2 and current/main YT channel


Well, this is the end! If you have any other question such as who is going first or altitudes and anything else, please let me know. I’m happy to help! See you there!


I’ll take B8

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Awesome! Thanks for joining!

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FYI, we will be using TA if TB (concourse B) fills up. Make sure to sign up now! Only 2 days till event!

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Roger that

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Thank you Nolan!

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ill be B10

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Why not the A350-900 though?

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Awesome! Thanks for joining! Looking forward to it!

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We could, but I haven’t flown the Qatar 773 yet, and I want to make a time lapse out of this flight with the 773. But I could do a mix. If you’d like to join, you can totally do the 359 if you want, but I prefer everybody a 773 ;)

Can I have Gate b09 plz, and also, can u make it 3-4 hours earlier, due to time zones

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ok, thanks for signing up. Ill see what I can do. What time will you land or takeoff that’s to late?

No, the landing time is late, its at 9pm for me, and we sleep at like 6pm

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I’ll take gate B06.

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Awesome! Thanks so much, and welcome to the community!

Thanks bro, u r very nice

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Ofc! Happy to have you join!

Can u plz subscribe to my YouTube channel,
Here’s the link for it


I sure will! Just give me 1 minute.

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I will take B05