28NOV20 / 1730Z - Let’s fill Montreal! @ CYUL

Welcome to the Montreal Flyout!

Presented to you by @GBKarp and @tunamkol.

Welcome to this event! This time, we are doing a flyout on the beautiful city of Montreal. The city is located in Canada, on the Quebec Province. Hope to see you there!

About the city of Montreal:

Montreal is the largest city on the province of Quebec, Canada, and the second largest city in Canada. French is the city’s official language. There are almost 2 million people living in the city. The city has many beautiful landmarks, including the Olympic Stadium and Notre-Dame basilica.

About Montreal-Trudeau International Airport:

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport is the main airport serving Montreal, being 20km from downtown. The airport is the third largest in Canada. The airport has one aeroquay and the main building, which contains a domestic aera, an international aera, and a transborder area, which means aircraft leaving from it to the US can arrive as domestic flights.

Airport Diagrams


Server: Expert
Location: CYUL
Time: 2020-11-28T18:30:00Z

Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
49 Air Canada A321 Winnipeg (CYWG)
48 Air Canada CRJ900 Quebec (CYQB)
47 Air Canada A321 Toronto (CYYZ)
1 Air Canada 787-9 Calgary (CYYC)
3 Air Canada 787-9 Vancouver (CYVR) @Canadian_Aviator
5 Air Canada CRJ900 Halifax (CYHZ)
7 Air Canada A321 Vancouver (CYVR)
9 Air Canada A321 Toronto (CYYZ)
11 Air Canada A321 Vancouver (CYVR)
15 Air Canada A321 Calgary (CYYC)
12 Air Canada A321 Vancouver (CYVR)
10 Westjet 737-700 Edmonton (CYEG) @CanadianNorth
8 Westjet 737-700 Toronto (CYYZ)
6 Westjet 737-700 Calgary (CYYC)
4 Westjet 737-700 Halifax (CYHZ)
2 Westjet 737-700 Winnipeg (CYWG)
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
17 Air Canada Jazz Q400 Toronto (CYYZ)
19 Air Canada Jazz Q400 Toronto Bishop (CYTZ)
21 Air Canada Jazz Q400 Sept Îles (CYZV)
23 Air Canada Jazz Q400 Quebec (CYQB) @A350pilot
25 Air Canada Jazz Q400 Rouyn-Noranda (CYUY)
27 Porter Q400 Toronto Bishop (CYTZ)
28 Air Canada A319 Toronto (CYYZ) @AGSilver_04
30 Air Canada CRJ900 Quebec (CYQB)
32 Air Canada CRJ900 St John’s (CYYT) @GBKarp
34 Air Canada CRJ900 Toronto (CYYZ)

Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
50 Air Canada 777-300ER Tokyo-Narita (RJAA) @Half-Aviation
51 Air Canada A333 Geneva (LSGG) @CaptainLunardo
52 Air Canada B777-300ER Tokyo-Narita (RJAA) @Airliner
55 Air Canada 777-200LR Sao Paulo (SBGR) @applepro243
57 SAS A359 Copenhagen (EKCH) @Adrian_K
58 SWISS 777-300ER Zurich (LSZH)
59 Air Canada 777-300ER Tel Aviv (LLBG) @Sam73628
60 British Airways 777-300ER London Heathrow (EGLL) @Cpt.TC
61 Air Canada 777-300ER Frankfurt (EDDF) @ORD777flyer
63 Qatar A350-900 Doha (OTHH) @Igor_M
64 Royal Jordanian 787-8 Amman (OJAI) @Zakayhb
65 Air Canada 777-300ER Tel Aviv (LLBG) @Zachary_Naponic
66 Air France 777-300ER Paris (LFPG)
67 British Airways 777-200ER London Gatwick (EGKK)
68 Austrian 777-200ER Vienna (LOWW) @IFCaptainNore

Transborder (USA)
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
73 American A321 Miami (KMIA) @Nee
74 Air Canada A319 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @CaptainZac
75 Air Canada E175 Houston (KIAH)
76 Air Canada A319 Dallas (KDFW)
77 Air Canada A321 Phoenix (KPHX)
78 United E175 Chicago (KORD) @Oskapew
79 United E175 Newark (KEWR) @Evan_Vlogs
80 Air Canada CRJ900 Boston (KBOS)
81 Delta CRJ900 New York (KJFK)
82 Air Canada A321 Los Angeles (KLAX)
83 Air Canada A321 San Francisco (KSFO)
84 Air Canada CRJ900 Denver (KDEN)
85 American CRJ900 Philadelphia (KPHL)
86 Air Canada CRJ900 Washington (KDCA) @GBKarp
87 Air Canada CRJ900 Washington (KDCA) @tunamkol
88 Delta CRJ700 Detroit (KDTW)

Cargo Gates
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
Remote N01 Fedex 77F Memphis (KMEM) @vbandak
Remote N02 UPS MD11 Lousiville (KSDF)
Remote N03 DHL 77F Leipzig (EDDP)
Remote N04 Turkish Cargo 77F Istanbul (LTFM)
Remote N05 Ethiopian Cargo 77F Addis Ababa (HAAB)
Remote N06 Air France Cargo 77F Paris (LFPG)
Remote N07 TNT 77F Liége (EBLG)

More gates can be added.


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.
  • IFATC may or may not be available for the event, if not use UNICOM correctly.
  • We recommend checking the airport diagrams above and using flight plan creators such as FPLtoIF.com .

Thanks a lot for checking out our event! Hope to see you there!


I’ll take the AC 777-300ER to FRA please

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Ill take this!

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@ORD777flyer @Canadian_Aviator I have signed you both up. Thanks a lot for joining.

See you there!


Your welcome thank you so much

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May I have this one pls 😅

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Of course! Thanks a lot for joining.

See you there!

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You might want to edit this. Halifax is CYHZ!


Oh sorry, a little typo 😬


Can a cargo gate be added? (Yes they have cargo flights from CYUL)


Sure! They will be added soon.


Hey! I am going to add cargo gates but I can’t find them. Can you inform me their location in the airport?

Cargo gates have been added! Go check them out!

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Little bump, let’s get some more signups!!!

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I’ll Kaye this one :)

Let’s get some more signups!

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Can I have the one to Newark with United Airlines please

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I’ll take 55/Air Canada 777-200LR/Sao Paulo (SBGR). please

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I have signed you both up. Thanks for joining and see you there!

Thank you so much!

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