28NOV20 / 1700Z - Mile High Flyout! @ KDEN


Welcome to the Mile High Flyout at Denver International Airport!

Server: Expert

Airport: KDEN

Time: 1700Z 2020-11-28T17:00:00Z

Welcome to the Mile High Flyout! This flyout is from an airport that is known for being…well…high in altitude! Denver is widely known among pilots for being an airport where planes need longer takeoff rolls, hence why the airport has the longest runway in the United States at 16,000 feet long! Denver International Airport is a hub for United Airlines and Frontier Airlines and a Focus City for Southwest Airlines. The airport hosts flights to smaller cities, medium sized cities, as well as some long-haul destinations!

Please sign up for this event, as I promise that this will be a fun one!

To sign up for the event, please put your desired gate, as well as the destination, aircraft, and/or airline.

For this event, please follow all Expert Server Rules, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask myself or @anon74260613 !

Refer to the list of gates below for sign up!

Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A22 Air Canada CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson A319-100 @Svisible
A24 Air Canada Express CYVR - Vancouver CRJ-900
A26 Delta KATL - Atlanta 737-900ER @JGordon
A27 Delta KDTW - Detroit 737-900ER
A28 Delta KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul 737-900ER
A29 Delta KSLC - Salt Lake City 737-800
A30 Delta KJFK - New York-JFK 737-900ER
A31 Delta KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
A32 Frontier KTUL - Tulsa A320-200
A33 Icelandair BIKF - Reykjavik-Keflavik 757-200
A34 Frontier KDSM - Des Moines A320-200
A35 WestJet CYYC - Calgary 737-700
A36 Frontier KTYS - Knoxville A320-200
A37W Norwegian LIRF - Rome-Fiuminco 787-9
A38 Frontier KHRL - Harlingen A320-200
A39 Copa Airlines MPTO - Panama City-Tocumen 737-800
A40 Frontier KONT - Ontario A321-200 @AmtrakEngineerDEN
A41W British Airways EGLL - London-Heathrow 777-200ER @nolan_brant12
A42 Frontier KMEM - Memphis A320-200
A44 Frontier KSTL - St. Louis A321-200 @United2
A45W Lufthansa EDDF - Frankfurt 747-400 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
A46 Frontier KORF - Norfolk A320-200
A48 American KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth 737-800
A49 American KMIA - Miami 737-800
A50 American KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor A320-200
A51 American KPHL - Philadelphia A320-200
A52 American KCLT - Charlotte A321-200
A53 American KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 737-800
A56 Frontier KMSY - New Orleans A321-200
A60 Frontier KSNA - Santa Ana A320-200
A62A Boutique Air KTEX - Telluride TBM-930 @Spike71
A62B Boutique Air KCDR - Chadron TBM-930
A62D Denver Air Connection KCVN - Clovis CRJ-200 (generic)
A71 United Express KSGU - St. George CRJ-200
A73 United Express KBFL - Bakersfield CRJ-200
A75 United Express KJAX - Jacksonville CRJ-200
A77 United Express KBIS - Bismarck CRJ-200
A79 United Express KEGE - Eagle/Vail E170
A81 United Express KLBL - Liberal CRJ-200
A83 United Express KLBB - Lubbock CRJ-200
A85 United Express KCYS - Cheyenne CRJ-200
A87 United Express KGTF - Great Falls CRJ-200
AE01 United Express KCNY - Moab CRJ-200
AE02 Allegiant KPVU - Provo A320-200
AE03 United Express KGUC - Gunnison CRJ-200
AE04 AeroMexico MMMX - Mexico City 737-700 @AliAlex
AE05 United Express KACV - Eureka CRJ-200
AE06 JetBlue KBOS - Boston A320-200
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B11 United PHLI - Lihue 757-200
B14 United MMPR - Puerto Vallarta 737-800 @Bren_McDonell
B15 United KCOS - Colorado Springs A320-200
B16 United KTPA - Tampa 737-800
B17 United KSMF - Sacramento 737-900ER @Johnt30
B18 United PANC - Anchorage 737-800
B20 United KSFO - San Francisco 737-900ER @Flightistic
B21 United KMCI - Kansas City A320-200
B22 United KCLE - Cleveland 737-900ER
B23 United KORF - Norfolk A320-200
B24 United KSNA - Santa Ana 737-800 @anon74260613
B25 United KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental 737-900ER
B26 United KBZN - Bozeman A320-200 @DeltaFox
B27 United KPDX - Portland (OR) 737-800
B28 United KEWR - Newark 757-200 @CaptainN
B29 United KBDL - Windsor Locks/Hartford 737-800
B31 United KSJC - San Jose (CA) A320-200
B32 United KLAX - Los Angeles 777-200ER @brennanhackard
B33 United KRDU - Raleigh/Durham 737-800
B36 United PHNL - Honolulu 777-200ER @Keegan_Butler
B37 United KMCO - Orlando 737-900ER
B38 United RJAA - Tokyo-Narita 787-9
B39 United KCID - Cedar Rapids A320-200 @Butter_Boi
B41 United KSAN - San Diego 737-900ER @Johhhn
B42 United KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 777-200ER @KDEN
B43 United KLGA - New York-LGA A320-200
B44 United KSBA - Santa Barbara A320-200
B45 United CYVR - Vancouver A320-200
B46 United MMUN - Cancun 737-900ER
B47 United KFSD - Sioux Falls A320-200
B48 United KRSW - Fort Myers A320-200
B49 United KIAD - Washington-Dulles 737-900ER
B50 United Express KRDM - Redmond/Bend (OR) CRJ-700
B51 United Express KGEG - Spokane CRJ-700
B52 United KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 737-800
B53 United KBWI - Baltimore A320-200
B54 United Express KMSN - Madison CRJ-700 @Jetcentric
B55 United KLAS - Las Vegas 737-900ER
B56 United Express KMLI - Moline CRJ-700
B57 United Express KLIT - Little Rock CRJ-200
B58 United Express KASE - Aspen CRJ-700 @KSS
B59 United Express KATW - Appleton CRJ-200
B60 United Express KMMH - Mammoth Lakes CRJ-700
B61 United Express KICT - Wichita CRJ-200
B63 United Express KEAR - Kearney CRJ-200
B65 United Express KDVL - Devils Lake via KJMS - Jamestown CRJ-200
B67 United Express KCPR - Casper CRJ-200
B69 United Express KPSP - Palm Springs CRJ-200
B71 United Express KLAR - Laramie CRJ-200
B73 United Express KFAR - Fargo CRJ-200
B77 United Express KSDF - Louisville CRJ-200
B79 United Express CYWG - Winnipeg CRJ-200
B80 United Express KELP - El Paso CRJ-200
B81 United Express KPOB - Pueblo CRJ-200
B82 United Express KLNK - Lincoln CRJ-200
B83 United Express KHYS - Hays via KDDC - Dodge City CRJ-200
B84 United Express KXNA - Fayetteville/Bentonville CRJ-200
B85 United Express KPRC - Prescott CRJ-200
B86 United Express KGCC - Gillette CRJ-200
B87 United Express KGJT - Grand Junction CRJ-200
B88 United Express KSLN - Salina CRJ-200
B89 United Express KALS - Alamosa CRJ-200
B90 United Express KSUX - Sioux City CRJ-200
B91 United Express KHDN - Hayden-Steamboat Springs CRJ-200
B92 United Express KCOD - Cody CRJ-200
B93 United Express KPIR - Pierre CRJ-200
B94 United Express KMTJ - Montrose CRJ-200
B95 United Express KDIK - Dickinson CRJ-200
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C23 Southwest KSFO - San Francisco 737-800 @Raptor22
C24 Southwest KSJC - San Jose (CA) 737-800
C25 Southwest KOAK - Oakland 737-800
C26 Southwest KSMF - Sacramento 737-800
C27 Southwest KCMH - Columbus-Glenn 737-800
C28 Southwest KDAL - Dallas-Love 737-700
C29 Southwest KLAX - Los Angeles 737-800
C30 Southwest KABQ - Albuquerque 737-700
C31 Southwest KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-700
C32 Southwest KHOU - Houston-Hobby 737-700
C33 Southwest KBNA - Nashville 737-700
C34 Southwest KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 737-700 @Butter1
C35 Southwest KDTW - Detroit 737-800
C36 Southwest KSAT - San Antonio 737-800
C37 Southwest KLGB - Long Beach 737-700
C38 Southwest MMSD - San Jose del Cabo 737-700
C39 Alaska KPDX - Portland 737-900ER
C40 Southwest KBUR - Burbank 737-700
C41 Southwest KIAD - Washington-Dulles 737-700
C42 Southwest KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul 737-700
C43 Southwest KMKE - Milwaukee 737-800
C44 Southwest KLAS - Las Vegas 737-800
C45 Southwest KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom 737-800 @zion89
C46 Southwest KMCO - Orlando 737-700
C47 Southwest KDCA - Washington-National 737-700
C48 Spirit KMCO - Orlando A320-200
C49 Southwest KOMA - Omaha 737-700
C50 Spirit KLAX - Los Angeles A321-200
C51 Southwest KMDW - Chicago-Midway 737-700 @ORD777flyer
CE01 Southwest KBUF - Buffalo 737-700
CE02 Southwest KGRR - Grand Rapids 737-800
CE03 Southwest KATL - Atlanta 737-800 @peytw2084
CE04 Southwest KPIT - Pittsburgh 737-800
CE05 Southwest KBHM - Birmingham (AL) 737-700
CE06 Southwest KBOS - Boston 737-800

Please sign up for this event! It would mean a whole lot!

Thanks for reading and see you there!

- @Bren_McDonell and @anon74260613 - Event Hosts


This one please.

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Added! See you there!

I’ll take a flight to MDW with WN!


Gate C51 in a 737-700! See you there!

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Hi! Can I have this gate please?


Sure can! See you there!

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Got it! See you there!

Very cool event! Glad to cohost

Hmmmm where to fly where to fly 🤔
I’ll think about it 😂

I’ll take B32 to LAX. This event looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing my home airport busy in IF for once.

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Thank you sir

Up sign me for this gate please!


@Flightistic @brennanhackard

Thanks! You will both be added!

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I’ll take this one please and thank you!


Nice choice, see you there!

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Can I get gate A22 to Toronto Pearson

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Sure you can! See you there!

this one please!


Can I get a trip to Cedar Rapids please?


@DeltaFox and @Butter_Boi you will be signed up soon! Thanks for attending!