28NOV20 / 1600Z - Up for a challenge?! IndiGo Charter Flight to Bhutan! @ VIDP - VQPR

Credit- https://cdn.businesstraveller.com/wp-content/uploads/fly-images/973099/IndiGo-916x516.gif

I recently Flew from Delhi to Paro Bhutan. It was such a challenge I wasn’t able too land. In my opinion this airport is probably one of the hardest airports to land at. We will take a scenic route and the route will be disclosed at a later time. Join me to experience unbelievable views of the Himalayas and the worlds highest peaks.

@IndiGo_Virtual is also invited!

** Expert server **

Start Point VIDP Procedure- TBD - VQPR Procedure- BOGO1B

DATE November 28th, 2020 @ 9PM EST USA or 1600 ZULU Time

Charts for Paro Bhutan or VPQR arrival VPQR Below. Please try and keep at least 10NM distance between planes on final approach.

Credit- https://www.tropicairvirtual.com/company/twoballs/Carte/VQPR_CHARTS.pdf


Nice event. Please include the date Airport name and code and time in the title. You can find many examples on the events category.

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Fixed it up!

Fixed it for you.

Thank you!

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Cool event!
Here’s some more information - especially if you want to land on RWY 33

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Thank you for the link! I will keep this in mind!

Currently Paro uses RNAV(RNP) approach for both runways, which allows the pilot to navigate along the valley without flying across the mountains.
That’s also the procedure included in IF

Also the code for Paro is VQPR not VPQR

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nice addition! whoops

Well I’m in!

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Sign me up please!

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Great will have gate info soon!

Bippity boppity boo. I see a challenger approaching!
Well, challenge accepted :)
Thanks for the invite friend!

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Looking for more sign ups. Please let me know if your interested!

Gate updates coming soon!

Is @AirIndiavirtual Invited mate ?

@Noodle_Duck yes sir!

My mistake this event got over correct. 😟😅

No its November 28th.

Copy may I know the time mate in ist ?
@Samyak_Siddhanta @sanketpandia boys free to join ?