28NOV20 / 1500z Ryanair VA Presents: The Big Irish Flyout @ EIDW - !Cancelled!

Hello everyone,

I would like to first take this opportunity to say thank you for stopping by and checking out the thread and welcome you to my first event. As a member of Ryanair VA it has made me realise how many different places and cultures Ryanair fly to and from and gave me the idea to set up this wonderful flyout where you can join me and fly to one of Ryanair’s popular destinations!

With one of Ryanair’s main hubs being Dublin airport I decided to choose this airport as our departure airport. Ryanair currently (pre-pandemic) fly to 113 destinations from Dublin to Europe, Middle East and even North Africa. With all these routes to choose from I had no choice but to choose the beautiful city and home of Ryanair, Dublin to host this event from.

For the route list I have chose some of the best destinations across Europe and the Canary Islands. I hope you will join us as we turn Dublin airport blue and white and take to the skies in our 737-800s!! If you are interested in signing up for this fantastic event please make sure to reply to this thread or message the event organiser @Nick_Martin on IFC.

Departure time:

Expert Server

Departure Airport:
Dublin Airport (IATA: DUB / ICAO: EIDW)

Arrival Airport:
Arrival airport will be based down to the pilot’s decision.

Boeing 737-800 (Ryanair)

  • LFOB (Paris)
  • EGKK (London Gatwick)
  • EGSS (London Stansted)
  • EHAM (Amsterdam)
  • EDDH (Hamburg)
  • LEAL (Alicante)
  • LIME (Milan Bergamo)
  • EPKK (Krakow)
  • LPPT (Lisbon)
  • LOWS (Salzburg)
  • LKPR (Prague)
  • GCFV (Fuerteventura)
  • GCTS (Tenerife)

Along with the gate allocation list we will also be giving out an allocated pushback time. It is extremely important that you spawn at your allocated gate and pushback at your slot time. The reason for a pushback slot time being given is to avoid everyone pushing back at once and causing ramp congestion.

If ATC are present at the airport during the event then slot times can be ignored and pushbacks can be requested at 1500z and will be authorised at ATC discretion.

Please see below the gate allocation list:

All gate reservations will be on PIER 4 of Dublin Airport (EIDW)

Gate Allocations
Gate Pilot Destination Pushback Slot
404R @Nick_Martin GCTS 1505Z
404L @InfiniteFlightDeck EGSS 1500Z
403R @Airliner EDDH 1505Z
403L @DeccyB GCFV 1500Z
402R @IF_Josh GCTS 1505Z
402L @Alfie_Hunt EGKK 1500Z
401R 1505Z
401L 1500Z
400R 1505Z
400L 1510Z
407L 1515Z
407R 1510Z
408L 1515Z
408R 1510Z
409L 1515Z
409R 1510Z
It is recommended that you spawn at your gate 30 minutes before your pushback time to give you chance to prepare your flight plan and aircraft for departure.

Departure Runway

At Dublin airport, the main runway that is used is runway 28L/10R. For the event we will use this runway for the departures. Depending on winds/weather it will be confirmed which side of the runway we will depart from 2 hours prior to the event (1300z).


Departure Route

There will be no specific departure route that we will be asking pilots to use out of Dublin. All we ask is that pilots carefully plan their route to their destination using a flight planner such as Simbrief and they follow their flight plan. As well as this we ask pilots to leave a 2 minute space between departures to ensure a safe distance is kept between departing aircraft.


Once in the Sky

I would love to see all your pictures from the event both on the ground at Dublin, Cruising over Europe and at your chosen destination. Make sure to send all your best screenshots to myself and the best ones will be shown on our screenshots thread after the event!

Have you ever dreamed of aiming for the skies with Ryanair Virtual? Well you can apply here! All that we ask is that you fill out an application form and be able to pass a theory test! Find the link to the test below this paragraph.


Ryanair Virtual is no way partnered with the one and only official Ryanair Ltd which can be found here:


Why so few? Why not a couple more?
Is it possible to get one to EGSS - if not I’m happy with one to EHAM.

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I will add EGSS just for you! 😁 we didn’t want to do loads of different destinations as we would love at least a couple of pilots to be going to each destination :)

Take that one to Hamburg!

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All sorted gate 403R! 😁 look forward to seeing you at the event!

Please can I take Gate 403L to GCFV 😁😍

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All done for you 😁 see you soon!

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I would like Tenerife @Nick_Martin

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All done for you, Gate 402R 😁 I look forward to seeing you at the event! 😁

Il take one to Gatwick :D

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Nice one! 402L is your gate!! 😁 look forward to seeing you there!

Due to the removal of RyanairVA from IFVARB this event has been cancelled and can be removed from the forum. Thanks to those who was going to take part and I am disappointed as you are it’s not going ahead.

Many thanks,
Nick Martin


Event has been cancelled as stated above.