28NOV20 / 1200Z - SkyTrail Presents: 200 Subscriber Special @ WSSS - EGLL

Make sure to join the Discord Server to chat if you haven’t! If not able, please DM me @Airliner @Half-Aviation

@applepro243 tell me if you decide to get it

whats your discord severs name


thanks just needed to know

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I just joined the discord server

But I will take time as I need to know how to use it lol

5 days to go! Come on! Signup still opened

Oof I’m sorry, have a really important event the same day, can’t make it. Enjoy!

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Flight time?

hi Pocket Rishi

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haha, lol, unnlimited sign ups

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Check the post 👆

I’ll be there. Just signed up

Also I won’t be joining so remove me from the spreadsheet, I have a flight in real life that day,

Hello there!

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Great event Plexi but I can’t join due to the timings


Same @SkyTrail, the landing is at 5:30 for me.

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@aviatorshubyt @aryachopra All good guys :)

SIGNUPS STILL OPEN!!! 2 Days to go!

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36 hours to the event,

24 hours till signups closed!

Oh I’m so sorry Sky… I’ve just been called to work that’s starts half an hour before landing… looks like I cant make it to the event anymore, hopefully next time!

Ps. I’ve already edited the sign up doco


Can I join! BTW, do I need a visa😉

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