28NOV20 / 1200Z - SkyTrail Presents: 200 Subscriber Special @ WSSS - EGLL

Hey There! Thank you for checking my event out! The reason I decided to do this is on behalf of my new milestone. I reached 200 subscribers thanks to all of you. I know, this might be overrated but this still means the world to me :) Thank you so much and to those of you who has not subscribed yet, make sure to click the red subscribe button!

Date and Time: 2020-11-28T12:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server
Communication: Discord Server, Join here: https://discord.gg/SDQFZwd - Make sure to join it if you wanna communicate during event. If you done have discord, DM me: @SkyTrail

Flight time: 12hr 30min - 13hr 30min
Aircrafts used: BA B77W, BA A388, SQ B77W, AQ A359
Departure Airport: Changi Airport, Singapore WSSS
Arrival Airport: London Heathrow, England EGLL
Flight plan: Copy later from @SkyTrail (callsign: MR-SKY)
Cruise: To be announced at Discord
Climb: At your discretion, just make sure to keep a safe distance (2nm-5nm)
Descent: At your discretion, just make sure to keep a safe distance (2nm-5nm)
Runways: TTo be announced at Discord

All of the details will be announced later at my Discord Server at the #Flight channel. Make sure to join it if you wanna communicate during event. If you don’t have discord, DM me: @SkyTrail

Form will automatically close at 2020-11-28T00:00:00Z so I can add in your gates well in advance so 12 hours before the event, please decide if ur coming or not. U will be notified on Discord on the IFC

Google Forms (Signup here):

Google Sheets (Attendees / Result):


All signed up, cool event! Congrats!


discord announcement gang


Hi, later on qt the end can I get my plane changed if I want to

And whats the flight time

Ah crap I forgot to put it in. Sorry. Ill put it in

yes, edit your response by opening the forms again using the same email address u used to sign up (google login)

Wow! Congratulations @SkyTrail! If you remember me I was the one who made your original channel logo :D

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Yes I remember thank you so much for that simplistic but awesome logo! Thank you, you will always be remembered!

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Im In!!! Less go


And congrats on 200 subs (I have been stuck on 150 subs for a while)

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I’ve signed up (hopefully the spreadsheet works okay) and can’t wait to attend as it’ll be the day after my exams end.

yay! Celebration for after ur exam. Anyways, it will 100% work now. I tested

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Also, ill add in a gate limit on the form, for example, after 30 signups, signups will be closed

I think Ill put in 30 or 40 max

Also, form is set to automatically close at 2020-11-28T00:00:00Z

I also will have unlimited signups

Come on guys! Signups still opened!

Come on! We are still accepting signups!

Just signed up! Can’t wait!

Legends say I would never join any events again but here am I to celebrate :p😂

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Thanks mate!