28MAY22 / Cancelled due to no demand - 30 Years of Excellence at Europe's Best Airport @EDDM

Normally, when you think about airports of excellence mega HUBs such as Doha, Singapore and Dubai come to mind. Often overlooked are the best airports per continent which also rank high in the global ranking at the same time. Europe hosts a number of great airports, but one stands out: Munich “Franz-Josef Strauß” Airport. Serving the German Metropole of Munich, which is often considered the prime example for German stereotypes, with over 1,5 million inhabitants, MUC has won the award for the best European airport 14 times in the last 16 years and has also been the first-ever airport in Europe to receive the 5-star SKYTRAX award. Currently, the airport also holds 6th place in the world according to the airport critic.

Munich is mostly known to be the second and premium HUB of Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa. As a result, the majority of all operations come from Lufthansa itself or other Lufthansa Group members. Hence, Lufthansa also bought 50% of Terminal 2 in Munich which also includes the newly constructed Sattelite Terminal. At the same time, other carriers are often overshadowed and even though @Moritz tries his best to break that bias, Munich is still widely unknown to offer flights to 55 countries and 187 destinations (2021), a number that will strongly increase once again in the summer of 2022.
In Infinite Flight, Munich is a complete 3D airport with stand guidance and working jetbridges.

The goal is to get as many realistic arrivals and departures within one hour as possible. To make sure we fill up the airport, the start date has been set in 1 month and I also chose a timeframe to please as many people from around the world as possible.

As you can see there are a plethora of reasons for you to include Munich in your endeavors, so join in!

Over 64 airlines including global powerhouses such as Lufthansa, United, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Air China served (pre-pandemic and plan to return) or serve Munich on a daily basis. To give an overview of all the airlines operating regular passenger operations, here’s an overview:

Graphic created by me based on official information published by MUC

In total, Munich offers flights to more than 187 destinations in 55 countries, spread across multiple continents. See the map or table below to get an overview over all the scheduled airline ops you can choose from, or choose a destination for a VIP or charter service yourself!

The graphics and the spreadsheet were created by me based on official information published by MUC

Created by me based off of OpenStreetMap.

Terminal 1 is used by all non-Star Alliance airlines (only exception: Turkish Airlines), non-Lufthansa Group airlines (only exception: Eurowings), non-Lufthansa partners, and irregular operators and private jets. Terminal 1 operators can utilize the whole western side of the airport, west of the main terminal 1 building. The apron of Terminal 1 also features some jetbridge gates (marked in green) in the middle of the apron. The whole side, marked in red-orange stripes is used as remote stands by terminal 1 users, especially Condor and TuiFly.

Terminal 2 is used by Lufthansa Group members (only exception: Eurowings), Star Alliance members (only Exception Turkish Airlines), and Lufthansa partners including but not limited to Ethiad, Luxair, and Oman Air. The “bay” (gates 231-234) is usually only used by Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900s. The remote stands are mostly used by Q400s, CRJ900s, and A319, but occasionally larger aircraft such as the A320 or even the A350 park there. On the map, this area can be found in green and on the western side of the airport. The “bay” is the small orange-marked apron to the southeast of Terminal 2. The whole of the eastern side of the airport that is used for terminal/remote stands is part of the “Terminal 2” complex, so all airlines mentioned above use this space.

Cargo ops take place at the gates 901-907S, but irregular CoVid-related cargo ops by passenger aircraft also take place here (e.g. Vietnam Airlines). All cargo operators park in the area marked in purple. This includes smaller aircraft such as the B73F, but also the B748F.

Corporate Jets park at designated areas, such as stands 801N-805S, 701N-703S, 241, 243, and Apron 11 (also used by passenger aircraft) and more. Preferable and regular parking spots can be found in red on the map. Areas marked with red-orange stripes can occasionally be used by private jets as well.

For taxiing, usually the taxiways parallel, but further away from the runway are used.

The takeoff runway is mostly determined by the direction you’re going. If your flight plan is taking you northbound, you should use 08L /26R, when southbound 08R/26L.

Landings usually follow the same principle but with the arrival routes, however, changes due to traffic are more common.

Most common Takeoff Procedures using the 08s

Most common Takeoff Procedures using the 26s

Most common Arrival Procedures using the 08s

Most common Arrival Procedures using the 26s

Every Map was created by me. Flight path data via Infinite Flight and FR24.

Brief Event Summary

The concept of this event is to stimulate as much realistic traffic at MUC within one hour, be it arrivals or departures. There are no signups required, but I still recommend you to let me know within a comment that you're coming. This will help others to decide which aircraft to choose to get the most diversity, but also help me to see how many people are interested to come. Please also follow the terminal, runway, and taxi guidance above to achieve the most realism possible.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Munich “Franz-Josef Strauß” Airport (MUC/EDDM)

Time: 2022-05-28T19:00:00Z2022-05-28T20:00:00Z

Flights planned

Destination ICAO Code Airline Aircraft Terminal Utilized Type of Parking
Helsinki EFHK Finnair A321 T1 Jetbridge
Dubai OMDB Emirates A388 T1 Jetbridge
Luxembourg ELLX Luxair Q400 T2 Remote Stand
Boston KBOS Lufthansa A340-600 T2 Jetbridge

Every graphic, including the section banners as well as the maps, etc., was created by me. Every photo used is either free to use or was sourced from a licensing page by me.


This seems fun, count me in with a Finnair to HEL! :)


Thanks a lot for your interest! I assume you will be using the A321?


Yessir! (10 Characters)

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Great! Alternatively I could also offer the A350, since Finnair will operate it for Eurowings Discover and will use it on regular services between MUC and HEL.

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Wait whaaat? Really? Finnair A350 to MUC??? Wow didn’t know that. But I’d like to use the A321 please :)

Ok! I will write you down in the table, so other know that it is “reserved”!

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Alright, you are now noted. I recommend using a “Jetbridge” parking spot (marked in green on the map) at Terminal 1 (on the map that’s the left terminal).

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Roger that!, Thank you!

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Thanks again for signing up! See you there! Hopefully we’ll get more signups ^^

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Woah slow down their buddy

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Oh my god…. I obviously didn’t mean that! 😂

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I know you didn’t it is just funny 😂😂

Edit: How words Work

EFHK should need a new IATA now 😂

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HELI is good like a helicopter

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HEL nah… these jokes are getting HELla ridiculous

Little update: I changed the day and time of the event, so maybe some people from the Americas can join. The event is now on Saturday, the 28th of May and will go from 1900-2000Z

Nice Event!

I’m coming with the Emirates A388 from Dubai 👀

Great! I will note you down. Your gate will be in Terminal 1 at a Jetbridge (at the main T1). You can see the corresponding area on the map, marked in bright green!

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Good event, I’ll be flying to Luxembourg with Lux Air and their DH8D

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