28MAY22 / 2000Z - "The HUGE Aussie Fly-Out" @ YPAD

Hello everyone, welcome to another IFWW event! Today we take to the south-western skies of Australia for a HUGE Adelaide fly-out! With its long skinny terminal, and it beautiful departures, we aim to litter the country with Australias airliner colours! I hope you enjoy :)


Airport Information

Airport: Adelaide International Airport [YPAD]
Date And Time: 2022-05-28T19:00:00Z2022-05-28T20:00:00Z

Gate Assignments

⬇️Terminal 1 - 4 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
12L Sydney 3D B737-800 Qantas
13 Denpasar A320-200 JetStar
14L Perth B737-800 Qantas
16R Doha 3D A350-900 Qatar Airways @Avaitor1
18R Hong Kong A330-300 Cathay Pacific @canton
20R Kuala Lumpur A330-300 Malaysia Airlines @Se.Mal_aviation
22R Singapore Changi 3D B777-300ER Singapore @the_ding
23 Melbourne B737-800 Qantas @Captain_ATK
24L Sydney 3D B737-800 Virgin Australia
25 Brisbane B737-800 Qantas @zhuTwentySix
26L Aukland 3D A320-200 Air New Zealand @CaptainZEUS

⬇️Terminal 1 Remote Gates - 10 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
28R Dehli B787-9 Qantas @IFWorldwideYT
29 Cairns A320-200 JetStar
50G Gold Coast 3D A320-200 JetStar @BlueThunder08
50F B737-800 Virgin Australia
50E Hobart A320-200 JetStar
50D Alice Springs 3D A320-200 Qantas Link
50C B737-800 Virgin Australia
50B Canberra 3D Bombardier Q400 Qantas Link
50A Cairns A320-200 JetStar
10A Canberra 3D Bombardier Q400 Qantas Link
10C Melbourne A320-200 JetStar @RickysAviationYT
10D Newcastle A320-200 JetStar

⬇️Terminal 2 Remote Gates - 6 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
80 Canberra 3D A320-200 JetStar
81 Darwin B737-800 Virgin Australia
83 Launceston B737-800 Virgin Australia
84 Hobart B737-800 Virgin Australia
85 Gold Coast 3D B737-800 Virgin Australia @mj242_jr
86 Townsville B737-800 Alliance Airlines (Generic) @ybtl.aviation
88 Sydney 3D A320-200 Qantas Link
87 Sydney 3D B737-800 Virgin Australia

If you would like to change your destination/aircraft, please DO NOT DM me, instead reply with the new aircraft/destination of your choice


For ATC Frequency(s) booking, please contact me through PM or comment under the post!

Atis Ground Tower Departure
@JSRibs28 @JSRibs28 @JSRibs28


  • Make sure to spawn in 10-15 mins prior to departure. Pushbacks will begin upon the event begining, make sure to spawn at correct gates as to avoid altercations.

  • If ATC is not present, make sure to use UNICOM proffesionaly and follow all rules of ATC server

  • Make sure to use ATC properly and BE PATIENT with ATC

  • Maintain Proffesionalism and realism at all times

  • We DO NOT take responsibility for any violations. You may try and appeal by messaging @appeals

  • Any arrivals MUST abide by Approach/Tower/ATC Rules at all times

Social Medias

Hey everyone! Unfortunately, I will not be streaming this event due to exams, however, you can still follow me on all of my socials here:





Creator: @IFWorldwideYT
Graphic Design: @IFWorldwideYT
Gate Table: @IFWorldwideYT
Event Banner: Adelaide City Photo
Presented By: @IFWorldwideYT

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Come and sign up! I’m sure you’ll like it!

I’ll take this please

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Yeah ofc! I’ll sign you up now!


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Thanks so much sounds fun

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Sign me up g

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Roger that broski


MY HOME AIRPORT! I’d love to join, but I don’t know if I will be available or not. Can I have this but in a A330? Thank you very much!

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ill have this one, and is it possible for me to take the A350 for realism?

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Hey can i reserve a gate from Alliamce airlines flight YPAD-YBTL?

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Awesome!!! Yeah ofc you can, I’ll sign you up right now! :)


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@the_ding @ybtl.aviation you’re all signed up, can’t wait to see you there!!


I’ll take the a330 to kulalumpuar

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@Se.Mal_aviation you’re all booked!!


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Still a lot of gates availiable, book now!


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I might start a little bit after 2:00 since I have something to do before

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@IFWorldwideYT signed me up | Hong Kong |A330-300|Cathay Pacific just put me on a random gate you have @CaptainZEUS

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@CaptainZEUS you’re all signed up!


Still plenty of gates guys!