28MAY22 / 1700Z - F1: The Monaco Grand Prix Fly-In @ LFMN

So, is now two weeks until the very famous Monaco Grand Prix, so, we will make a fly in to see one of the most prestigious races in motosports history. Im pretty sure there’s a lot of fans of this sport here, and surely will watch the race, or the whole weekend!

It will take place on the qualy day, so we can see the race tomorrow; but we may see Leclerc spin-to-pole again, or Verstappen’s engine explodes again, or the Mercedes get to the top again… whatever, it will be interesting due to the “traffic paradise” that oftenly happens, because is Monaco. Everything can happen, both in qualy and in race…

We’ll use Nice airport (LFMN), as is an airport that serves both Nice and Monaco, so you can come from anywhere, but the arrival must be at 1700Z, so please, calculate your depature time.

Some information about the Grand Prix if you are more curious about it! I’ll add some info about F1 too!

  • Airport: LFMN
  • Server: Expert
  • Sbinalla: Most Probably

Note: as always, respect every pilot and controller during the event, and fly proffessionally. I’m not responsible for any violation you may recieve during the event!

Request any aircraft, and the depature airport, and I’ll add it to the list below (no gate restrictions)! Everyone can join; I’ll add a second wave if necessary!

Pilots attending
Depature Airport Aircraft Pilot
TBD TBD @zhuTwentySix
ESSA Norwegian B738 @GenAv_IF



Thank you for looking at this event. Make sure to grab a spot!


As we are on the Spanish GP race week, I’d like to mention a featured route if case you are interested!


Obviously, since Monaco will be the next race after Spain, then you can take this route if you wanna go from the Catalunya [bloddy chicane] circuit to Mónaco. Is operated by Vueling, and should last less than 2 hours!


Anyways, as Leclerc continues with his relationship with Monaco, let’s get more signups for the Monaco GP!!!

Anyone who wish to join?

me!!! I want to join this event, I like Formula 1!


Nice! Any special flight you wanna do In question? Or you’ll decide later? No rush :)

e…I think I will decide it when the event come

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Ok. I’ll sign you up meanwhile. Thanks for coming!

yeah, so sad to see a event related to F1 nobody come

No one else?

uh oh, that is very lonely

Hi, I’d like to join. Can I fly in from ESSA in the Norwegian 737-800? Looking forward, Forza Ferrari and Vamos Checo!

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finally someone else coming!!!!

Nice! But Im unsure if this event will go ahead. I’ll wait until friday morning and I’ll make the final decision.

I’ll sign you up meanwhile. Thanks for coming!


@GenAv_IF @zhuTwentySix

Unfortunately Ill have to call the event off due to only you two signed up. You can still fly in if you want.

Everyone else, thanks for your interest!

Im very sorrry for any inconvenece :(

As requested