28MAY20 / 2325Z - Himalayan Sunrise Flight @ VNKT to VQPR

Himalayan Sunrise Flight!

  • Aircraft and Livery: a319 - 100

  • Route: Copy from Group Leader (IFC APG)

  • Time of Departure: 2325Z May 28, 2020 11:25 PM

  • Server: Training

  • Flight Time: ~ 1:15

  • Additional Information: A challenging takeoff and an even more challenging landing! I plan to use runway 15 for landing at Paro. Charts are here (let me know if the links don’t work).:



The visual rwy 15 approach is tricky, I can link a tutorial if you need it. Also, if you’re willing to open up ATC at either of these places, I’d greatly appreciate it. Hope to see you there!

Simbreif/FPLtoIF Flight Plan: https://fpltoif.com/simbrief_plans?ofp_id=VNKTVQPR_XML_1590703102.xml&n=no

Hi, can I join?

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Of course! See you in about an hour.

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What livery are we doing?

Since there’s no Bhutan Airways or Drukair livery, you could do any one you’d like. I’m using generic.

For the charts, use pages 20 and 33 on the VNKT pdf, and pages 25, 29, and 15 on the VQPR pdf.

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Which runway are we using?

02 to takeoff, 15 to land.

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