28MAY20 / 2300Z - ANA Virtual Group: From Oriental Pearl To Kowloon @ZSPD-VHHX

Welcome To Kai Tak!

Welcome to Shanghai-Pudong International. We’re just about a day before our trip to Kai Tak begins. The ANA Virtual Group invites all IFC Users & Star Alliance Virtual members to join us on our China World Tour. Fly one of the most famous & beloved approaches in the world!

Details & NOTAMs

  • Please follow all instructions of the ANA Virtual Group Events Team.
  • Please be respectful to all pilots.
  • Use Unicom professionally.

  • Server: Expert
  • Date: 2020-05-28T23:00:00Z
  • Flight Time: ~ 2hr 50 minutes
  • Aircraft & Livery - Any Star Alliance Member aircraft! (Preferably heavy)


Shanghai-Pudong To Kai Tak Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot Notes
T1 Gate 6 ANA B78X @ran Callsign: ANVA001
T1 Gate 7 ANA B772ER @Anthony_Williams
T1 Gate 8 ANA B78X @United2 Callsign: ANVA224
T1 Gate 9 Thai A346 @KIND9624 Callsign: ANVA002
T1 Gate 10 ANA B78X @charrison
T1 Gate 11 ANA B78X @michel_avegnon
T1 Gate 12 Singapore B77W @Isacc_Paddy
T1 Gate 13
T1 Gate 14
T1 Gate 15
T1 Gate 16
T1 Gate 17 ANA B78X @denprom Callsign: ANVA077
T1 Gate 18
T1 Gate 19
T1 Gate 20
T1 Gate 21
T1 Gate 22
T1 Gate 23
T1 Gate 24

ANA Virtual Group

All ANVA pilots get a 2x multiplier on this flight along with event mileage points.
The ANA Virtual Group is based in Tokyo, JP. We connect the rest of the world to Japan.

Inspiration Of Japan

Join ANA Virtual Group here.


T1 Gate 7. ANA 777

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You’ve been signed up @Anthony_Williams!

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T1 GATE 17, ANA 787, please

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78X please

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@denprom & @United2, you’ve been signed up!

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I’ll take a gate please, I’m gonna use the A340 😳
I think I’ll use the Thai livery as well.

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@KIND9624, you’ve been signed up!

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can i get T1 Gate 10 please? thanks!

Sure! Which aircraft/ livery would you like?

I will take the 787-10. ANA livery.

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Can I please get gate 11
I’ll also use the 787-10 & ANA Livery

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You’re signed up! Thanks for coming along 👍

Hi I would like to join the event Gate 12 with an Etihad B77W

Although Etihad isn’t a Star Alliance member, ANA Virtual and Etihad Virtual have a partnership so you can fly this aircraft. Thanks for signing up!

It’s ok I’ll change it to be realistic, I’ll fly a Singapore 77W instead

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Oh can you send me the flight plan when it’s made

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Yep, we’ll send it :)

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Last Chance if anyone wants to join! We’re pushing back now!

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