28MAY20 / 1900Z - WestJet Virtual presents: Across the Rockies -@CYVR to CYYC

A Short Hop Over the Canadian Rockies

Hello, and welcome to Westjet Virtual Group’s inaugural community event.
We thought: “What better way than open up with one of the most popular Canadian routes?”
With stunning views along the way you’ll never get bored doing the route, join us as we fly over the Rockies from Vancouver into Alberta’s largest city: Calgary

Date/Time: 28th of May 1900Z

Departure Airport: CYVR (Vancouver)

Arrival Airport: CYYC (Calgary)

Server: Expert Server

Flight Number: WS112


Equipment: WestJet Boeing 737-700

Flight Time: 1hr 22min (1:22)

Flight Plan: To be released

How to Reserve a Gate:

To reserve a gate for this event, reply in the comments below with the gate you would like and your callsign of choice.

Gate Pilot Callsign
13 @Infinite_Qantas WSVG863
14 @Plane-Train-TV WSVG1719
15 @JulietTango WSVG007
16 @Ecoops123 WSVG001
17 @Pingu TBD
18 @ILOVE7879-2.0 WSVG010
19 @Luca_Arrowsmith Westjet 136
20 @preston WSVG7583
21 @Captain-Baddywolf WSVG154
22 @Samuel_Javier WSVG7350
23 @D-AIXI WSVG1637
24 @ThomasThePro T-HOMAS
26 @Dominic_C-H Westjet 336
27 @Captain-Ace SKYHAWK
29 @juja N175YQX
30 @Kevinsoto1502 N15KS
31 @Delta07 Westjet 07
40 @ORD777flyer Westjet 596
41 @Infinite_Pro WSVG328P
42 @Joe_Johnson Westjet 444
43 @CanadianNorth WSVG7577
44 @ToasterStroodie Westjet 142
45 @SpottedWhippet Westjet 413
46 @Big_Elijah 311HIVE
47 @charrison Westjet 498
48 @Luka_ZagerDuric Air Canada 264
49 @Highlander24 SKYWALKER
50 @nolan_4290 Westjet 445
51 @SeekingSunsets229 Westjet 229
52 @Alex_L Air Canada 005
53 @Tsumia Westjet 350

More gates may be added if demand is high.


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Gate 15 please! WSVG007

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I’m sad you didn’t already sign me up 😥


Gate 17 please! Can’t wait for this one. :)


And what would be your callsign?

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TBD, I was about to sign up for WSVG, so I’ll let you know when I get my callsign.

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Roger that :), hope to see you soon

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I’m in pain.

We’re ‘WSVG’, Westjet Virtual Group (becuase we form of Westjet, Westjet Encore, Westjet Link, Pacific Coastal, and Swoop) 🤗

Not Westjet Virtual Airlines :)

You’ll always hear our callsigns as ‘Whiskey Sierra Victor Golf’


Oops, nobody saw that…

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I would like to hope on this WSVG010


Sure thing, added you :)

All take gate 19 please West Jet 799

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Alright :)
I added you

Hope to see you there😄

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Gate 20 please! WSVG7583 :)

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Added you😄
See ya there

When is the event going to start?

On the 28th of May at 1900Z (2100 CET)

Gate 20 please and call sign WSVG154 , Captain baddywolf here!

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Thanks! I’m not sure if I can come yet though.

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gate 21 please WSVG7350

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