28MAY20/ 1400Z - A Balearic Island flyout series (Pt.1) @LEMH

Menorca Airport Flyout

¡Hola! Welcome to my Menorca flyout

Some information about Menorca:
Menorca is a small island in the Mediterranean that belongs to Spain. Menorca is the
second largest of the four Balearic Islands (Palma De Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) there are other even smaller islands however those are the main four!

Menorca airport sits just 10km from the Menorcan capital - Mahon. It is a popular holiday destination in the summer, the main airlines operating there are Air Europa, easyJet, Iberia regional, Jet2, Tui and Vueling to name a few!



Server: Expert

Airport: Mahon Menorca (LEMH)

Date and time:
Wave 1: 2020-05-28T14:00:00Z2020-05-28T15:00:00Z
Wave 2: 2020-05-28T15:00:00Z2020-05-28T16:00:00Z
IFATC Present at both waves


Wave One
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
01 737 Ryanair Barcelona LEBL 0:30 @Charlieab29
02 E195 Air Europa Barcelona LEBL 0:45 @ScotlandAIR
03 A321 Austrian Vienna LOWW 1:45 @Frequentfliyer
04 A319 easyJet London Gatwick EGKK 2:00 @BennyBoy007
06 A319 easyJet London Gatwick EGKK 2:00 @Josh_104
07 A319 easyJet Berlin Tegel EDDT 2:15 @Dreadjack888
08 A321 Iberia Valencia LEVC 0:30 @Tunamkol
09 737 Ryanair Dublin EIDW 3:30 @InfiniteFlightDeck
10 A320 easyJet London Gatwick EGKK 2:00 @GeorgeD
11 A319 easyJet Gatwick EGKK 2:00 @DeccyB
12 A319 easyJet Manchester EGCC 2:35 @DannyHL
13 CRJX Iberia Regional Porto LPPR 1:30 @mariomartinsancho
14 A320 Vueling Barcelona LEBL 0:40
15 737 Jet2 Newcastle EGNT 2:50 @thkmass
16 a319 easyJet Bristol EGGD 2:25 @15Shawo
17 737 Norwegian Oslo EGNM 3:30 @JornGroen
19 A320 easyJet London Luton EGGW 2:10 @Mr_Pika_Man_Smith
21 A320 Vueling Bilbao LEBB 1:00 @Lucas_Piedra
23 E190 British Airways London City EGLC 02:00 @DanielOConnor
General Aviation

No larger than an a318

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
A1 Private TBD
A2 CRJ700 Private Calvi LFKC TBD @ThomasThePro
A3 TBM930 Private Alghero LIEA TBD @Abbasbeloved
A4 TBM930 Private Sabadell LELL TBD @infinite2674
Wave Two
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
01 A320 British Airways London Heathrow EGLL 2:00 @C_Hawk
02 737 Jet2 Glasgow EGPF 3:00 @Jack5101
03 CRJX Iberia Pamplona LEPP 1:15 @William_Chin
04 737 Jet2 Leeds Bradford EGNM 2:30 @Hazc1905
06 A319 easyJet London Southend EGMC 2:00 @Joao_Jose
07 737 Transavia Amsterdam EHAM 2:00 @Dendenawesome_14
08 A320 Lufthansa Frankfurt EDDF 2:00 @Bradders777X
09 737 Jet2 Birmingham EGBB 2:30 @PilotGeorge04
10 A320 easyJet London Gatwick EGKK 2:00 @Pontso
11 A319 Eurowings Dusseldorf EDDL 1:50 @Charrison
12 A319 easyJet Manchester EGCC 2:35 @PATOU95
13 a319 easyJet Manchester EGCC 2:30 @DylanW2020
14 737 Transavia Paris Orly LFPO 1:50 @Chuck_Aviation
15 A320 Vueling Rome LIRF 1:50 @DanVenezuela
16 a319 British Airways London Gatwick EGKK 2:00 @DimitriB
17 757 Thomson Manchester EGCC 2:30 @Tommy_Chadburn
19 A320 easyJet London Gatwick EGKK 2:10 @ScottishPilot
21 A320 easyJet Berlin Tegel EDDT 1:50 @Silverlink
23 A320 easyJet Manchester EGCC 02:30 @dereckyared14
General Aviation

No larger than an a318

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
A1 TBM930 Private Biggin Hill EGKB 2.30 @Charlieab29


"easyJet Virtual is proud to be sponsoring another event! Especially at Menorca! This will be a great way for us to meet new pilots & explore many different destinations from here! We are always looking at ways to engage with the community & this event will be a great showcase for us!”

easyJet Virtual’s thread

Rules and Reccomendations:

  • Participants must ensure they use FPL to IF , or any other realistic flight plan generator to gather their flight plan.

  • Pilots are to maintain spacial awareness, for example: do not push if there is another aircraft behind you

  • IFATC will be present for the event, so you are to follow all instructions given by the controller(s). I am not accountable for any ghosts/violations received during the event

  • Minimum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000 ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.

  • You are to enjoy yourself, and have a good time! ;)


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!


I’ll take this one

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Can I take the easyJet to London Gatwick gate please?


EZYVA318 to Gatwick gate 6

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Can I have gate 7 please

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I’ll sign up for this one please. Enjoyed the Gibraltar one too!


Hey, can I take the jet2 gate to Glasgow. Callsign channex 001

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easyJet to Bristol please (Gate 16) - EZYVA4

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@thkmass Yes sure! Enjoy the flight in the gorgeous jet2 737!

@Josh_104 Got you down!

@GeorgeD Certainly, I can’t give you gate 6 as that has already been taken but I replaced another gate and changed the destination to Gatwick!

@Dreadjack888 You can!

@Lucas_Piedra Sure! Lovely route - I was considering even having that as the route I did but went for Madrid instead!

@Jack5101 Got you down, enjoy!

@15shawo Sure, got you down


Thank youuu!!!

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Gate 11 to EKCH! :D - A319 EZYVA503

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Can i add a EZY to Manchester Luton or Edinburgh OO6615

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gate 20 please

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Hi Charlie. As there’s no more ezy gates please could I take an E190 down to LCY please. 😊

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@DannyHL I’ll do Manchester for you!

@Mr_Pika_Man_Smith Sure, I’ll do Luton :D

@Tommy_Chadburn of course, nice to see some Tui action!

@DanielOConnor I can change a gate to EZY if you want? But I’m also happy to give you the LCY flight!


As the Luton flight is also gone, I’ll stick with the e190 to City please 😊👍

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Can I have a gate to manchester please. EZY341

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May I request a gate to Gatwick. EZYVA198.

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Can I have gate 18 please!

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GA gate ~ TBM ~ dest. TBD

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