28MAR21 / 1800Z - Mini Event Series 4 - The Fiji Flyout! @ NFFN


Hey all! Welcome back to another event! this time in the beautiful island of Fiji! I hope you will enjoy this event!

Event Info

Airport NFFN
Date and Time 1800Z or 2021-03-28T17:00:00Z
Server Expert
Note: Please spawn 15 minutes before the event starts and pushback 5 min after
the event starts.
We will be using RWY 20 ONLY

Airport Info

Nadi Airport is the main international airport of Fiji as well as an important regional hub for the South Pacific islands, located by the coast on the western side of the main island Viti Levu. It is the main hub of Fiji Airways and its domestic and regional subsidiary Fiji Link. The airport is located at Namaka 10 km from the city of Nadi and 20 km from the city of Lautoka. In 2019, it handled 2,485,319 passengers on international and domestic flights. It handles about 97% of international visitors to Fiji, of which 86% are tourists.



Main Terminal

6 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Fiji A350 Los Angeles KLAX 1
Fiji A330 Honolulu PHNL 2 @Herald_Stevenson
Fiji A350 Singapore WSSS 3 @Lachlanavitor
Fiji A350 Tokyo RJTT Fiji Maintenance @Qatari777YT
American 787-9 San Francisco KSFO 4 @N489DN
Air New Zealand 777-300ER Auckland NZAA 5L @zion89
Qantas 787-9 Sydney YSSY 6
Jetstar 787-8 Sydney YSSY 7 @ThankGod_Darwin
Fiji 737-700 Auckland NZAA 10 @Aviation2929
Fiji 737-700 Wellington NZWN 11 @DeltaFox
Fiji 737-700 Sydney YSSY 12 @Dylan.Winklosky
Fiji 737-700 Christchurch NZCH 13
Aircalin A320 Wallis Island NLWW 14
Aircalin A320 Noumea NWWW 15
Virgin Australia 737-800 Brisbane YBBN 16 @PappaHotel
Virgin Australia 737-800 Melbourne YMML 17 @Adrian_K

Fiji Link Routes

sorry for using GA gates for these routes
Q400=ATR C208=Twin Otter/ATR
6 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Fiji Link Q400 Vavau NFTV Hangar 1 @YoungPilot1
Fiji Link Q400 Rotuma NFNR Hangar 2
Fiji Link Q400 Matei NFNM Ramp GA 13
Fiji Link C208 Suva NFNA Hangar 3
Fiji Link C208 Mana NFMA Ramp GA 1
Fiji Link C208 Savusavu NFNS Ramp GA 2 @Alexian61
Fiji Link C208 Kadavu NFKD Ramp GA 3
Fiji Link C208 Labasa NFNL Ramp GA 4


You may request any route here!
8 Gates Left

Gate Aircraft Route ICAO Pilot
Ramp GA 5
Ramp GA 6
Ramp GA 7
Ramp GA 8
Ramp GA 9
Ramp GA 10
Ramp GA 11
Ramp GA 12

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|American|787-9|San Francisco|KSFO|4
I’ll take this one please.

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@N489DN thanks for joining another one of my events! I appreciate it!

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Can I have this gate

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Ill grab this one!

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@zion89 you have been added thanks for joining!

@Nightt you have been added good to have you in the event as well!

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Which one is the longest?

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@Ahmed1 Singapore and LAX are around the same time at 9:45min

No worries, thanks for having me.

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Ok thanks, I don’t think they’re long enough for me to wake up the next day and land
So I’ll take a shorter flight

Can I take this

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@Ahmed1 d1 you have been added, happy to see you in my event!

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Hi, is it possible to use a GA Gate to fly to EDDB with an Fiji A350?

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GA gates can’t hold an A350

I could give you gate 1 land at LAX then fly to EDDB or same thing at Singapore

Yeah then we should do That :)

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@Jukker Gate 1 is what you want correct?

May I get this one?

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@Alexian61 you have been added thanks for joining my event!

I’ll take gate 10 please.

Plus just to bring back some memories, your first post

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Ah, thanks for the memories of it! I still can’t believe I couldn’t attend it I was so annoyed about it 😂 anyways I will add you rn! You still do events by chance?

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