28MAR21/ 18:00z - ¡Bienvenido a México! @ MMMX

Sorry for the late announcement but come join us in 46 minutes!

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Hey there!

Sounds like a fun flight, but this must be posted in #live:groupflights 3 hours before the start of the flight!
You can read more about it here:

Also I’m pretty sure that its english only.

Hello there, about a month ago, @TylerShah said post it about 3 hours before departure. I was late due to the fact that I was dealing with something personal

That’s the theme of the event. I was trying to be creative with the theme of the event 🙂

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Yes, you can post it in #live:groupflights 3 hours before the start.

But however I will change it

No I said it must be posted in with 3 hrs of departure if in #live:groupflights but if you post in #live:events you can as early as a month in advance

Oh… I didn’t see that… guess my mom was right, I should start wearing my glasses… with all jokes aside, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I will fix that now

Just leave as is. It’s with in the hour.

I don’t see any issue with this post. No need to change anything with the title, or anything else.

Within 3 hours of departure. Let’s not be so quick to call others out, and let’s promote a positive environment for all. The messaging feature is a great way to inform users of their potential mistake, and if your true intention is to help the user, this is the best place to do so, privately.

Have a nice fight, @Captain_Lewis! ;)


Well said Captain. And thank you, happy flying 🛫

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You too. Nice graphic by the way!


Thank you Captain! My friend, @GER-ALLIANCE_Marco, is the one who introduced me to this way of planning events. I will give him credit for that!

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