28JUN21 / 1900z - Flying to Frankfurt @EDDF

Hello and Welcome to “Flying to Frankfurt”, a series of events hosted at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA/EDDF). The Europe West region will strive to offer you the most realistic and efficient Arrival/Departure from the selected airport, so don´t hesitate and join us tonight! If you need recommendations, have questions or would like to suggest something we´re always up for it!

Expert Server

Where will the Event take place?

The Event will take place at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA/EDDF) in Southern Germany

When will the Event take place?

Controllers will open their frequencies at 1900z and stay open for at least 1,5 hours. However we will encourage our Controllers to stay open for even longer, if possible.
1900z - At least 2030z

Which frequencies will be staffed?

Frankfurt (EDDF)

Position Controller
Atis @Flying_Pencil
Ground @Flying_Pencil
Tower @Flying_Pencil
Approach @FLying_Pencil
Departure -

Centers (CTR)

Position Controller
Bremen FIR 127.00
Munchen FIR 128.00
Langen FIR 129.00

*Please note that these are only staffing intentions, the first come first serve basis for taking and opening ATC frequencies still applies.

How can I sign up as a Controller?

If you´re in IFATC feel free to message me on our workspace or reply below, I´ll make sure to get you added as soon as possible. If you´re only available to Control for one of the two Event-hours make sure to let me know and I´ll only sign you up for one of the timeslots.

Which Procedures will be in use?

Runway Operation
25R Landing
25C Departing
25L Landing/Departing
18 Departing

Should you be looking for a route to fly into or out of Frankfurt, feel free to check all current routes out here: Direct flights from Frankfurt (FRA) - FlightConnections

If there´s any more information you need feel free to let us know with a reply below this post. We look forward to seeing you at the selected airports and can´t wait to provide you with full coverage along the way!


Opening up in 25 mins. It’s time to rt your inbound flights started!

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EDDF TGSA (Atis, Ground, Tower and Approach) are now Open.

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