28JUN20 / 2100Z - The Mexican coast fly out @MMZH

Summary: Come and join me at MMZH for a small but fun Event! IFATC is requested.

Server: Expert

Airport: MMZH

Time: 0700Z 2020-06-28T21:00:00Z


Gate Assignments:


Gate Airline Destination Plane
Gate 1 American airlines KPHX 737-800
Gate 2 Interjet MMMX a320
Gate 3 VivaAerobus MMMX a320 @Finley_Skaggs
Gate 4 Volaris MMTJ a320
Gate 5 Aeromar MMMX CRJ-200
Gate 6 Aeromexico MMMX E-190


Gate Destination Plane
GA 01_Any_______Any
GA 02_Any_______Any
GA 03_Any_______Any
GA 04_Any_______Any
GA 05_Any_______Any
GA 06_Any_______Any
GA 07_Any_______Any
GA 08_Any_______Any
GA 09_Any_______Any
GA 10_Any_______Any
GA 11_Any_______Any
GA 12_Any_______Any
GA 13_Any_______Any
GA 14_Any_______Any
GA 15_Any_______Any
GA 16_Any_______Any
GA 17_Any_______Any
GA 18_Any_______Any
GA 19_Any_______Any
GA 20_Any_______Any
GA 21_Any_______Any

NOTAMS and airport info
Please be respectful and kind to others. If you are going to come than please let me know what gate you want in the comments. At MMZH you will need to back taxi. Thank you!

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