28JUN20 / 1800Z - CPT_HILD's East Coast Flyout Series (Part 2) @KPHL

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Philadelphia International Airport (IATA: PHL , ICAO: KPHL , FAA LID: PHL ) is the primary airport serving Philadelphia. The airport serves 31.7 million passengers annually, making it the 20th busiest airport in the United States. In 2019, PHL served 33,018,886 passengers, the most in the airport’s history. The airport is located 7 miles (11 km) from the city’s downtown area, Center City Philadelphia, and has 25 airlines that offer nearly 500 daily departures to more than 130 destinations worldwide.[3] Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the largest airport in the state.[4] It is the fifth-largest hub for American Airlines, and also serves as its primary Northeast hub and European gateway. Additionally, the airport is a regional cargo hub for UPS Airlines and a focus city for the ultra low-cost airline Frontier Airlines.
The airport has service to cities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. As of summer 2019, there are flights from the airport to 140 destinations, 102 domestic and 38 international. Most of the airport property is in Philadelphia proper. The international terminal and the western end of the airfield are in Tinicum Township, Delaware County. PHL covers 2,302 acres (932 ha) and has 4 runways.[2]
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Philadelphia is most of my family’s home airports and I often transit through here as well. Also PHL offers a large amount of flight’s and connects as a major hub for travel up and down the east coast, the Caribbean, as well as Europe.


Server: Expert

NOTAMS: Please use common sense do not push back when the person next to you is. Follow all standard customs, as this is the Expert Server. If ATC is not present please be respectful to other pilots. When requesting a gate please request in the following format: Gate, Aircraft, Destination. I will create a group message a few days before the event so we can sort out the final details ( Active Runway, Departure Procedures, etc.)


Terminal A East (9 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft AAVA Pilot Pilot
A1 KSEA American A321-200
A2 MYNN American A320-200
A3 KBOS American A321-200 @The_Homeless_Dorito
A4 KDCA American A320-200 @ToasterStroodie
A5 GMMN American 757-200
A6 EIDW Aer Lingus 757-200 (Generic)
A7 KDFW American A321-200 @Liam_Gardener
A8 MMUN American 787-9 @AliAlex
A9 EINN American 757-200
A10 TNCM American 757-200
A11 EGPH American 757-200
A12 TJSJ American 787-9
A13 KHVN American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
Terminal A West (7 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft AAVA Pilot Pilot
A14 BIKF IcelandAir 757-200
A15 OTHH Qatar A350-900 @Marcello_Jr
A16 EGLL British Airways 747-400 @Frequentfliyer
A17 EDDF Lufthansa 747-400
A18 EIDW American 787-9
A19 LGAV American 787-9
A20 LFPG American 787-9
A21 LSZH American 787-9 @Pingu
A22 EGCC American 787-9 @FlyAndCrash
A23 EHAM American 787-9 @airplane2
A24 LEMD American 787-9
A25 EGLL American 787-9 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
A26 LIRF American 787-9
Terminal B (10 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft AAVA Pilot Pilot
B1 KMIA American A321/737-800 @Luke_Sta
B2 KMIA American A321/737-800 @Aviation3
B3 KMIA American A321/737-800 @AidanG3928
B4 KMIA American A321/737-800 @finnyeomans
B5 MDPC American A320-200
B6 KMIA American A321/737-800 @cptlogue
B7 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
B8 KSFO American A321-200
B9 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
B10 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
B11 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
B12 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
B13 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
B14 KPHX American A321-200
B15 KMIA American A321/737-800 @Esaacc999
B16 KMIA American A321/737-800 Reserved for AAVA
Terminal C (13 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft AAVA Pilot Pilot
C17 KPIT American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
C18 KMSY American Eagle E175 (US Airways) @anon79257371
C19 KATL American A320-200
C20 KORD American 737-800
C21 KLAX American A321-200
C22 KDEN American A321-200
C23 KMEM American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
C24 KMSP American Eagle E175 (US Airways
C25 KMCO American A321-200
C26 KOMA American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
C27 KBNA American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
C28 KEYW American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
C29 KLAS American A321-200
C30 KSTL American Eagle E175 (US Airways)
C31 TIST American A321
Terminal D (14 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
D1 CYYZ Air Canada E175
D2 KSEA Alaska 737-900 @RitzRegis
D3 CYUL Air Canada CRJ-200
D4 KPDX Alaska 737-800
D5 KATL Delta 737-800
D6 KIAH United 737-800
D7 KMSP Delta Connection CRJ-900
D8 KORD United 737-800 @ORD777flyer
D9 KDTW Delta Connection CRJ-900
D10 KIAD United Express CRJ-700
D11 KSLC Delta 737-800
D12 KDEN United 737-900
D13 KATL Delta A319-100
D14 KSFO United 737-800
D15 KORD United 737-900
D16 KDTW Delta A319-100
Terminal E (13 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
E1 KLAS Spirit A320-200
E2 KBOS JetBlue E190
E3 TJSJ Spirit A320-200
E4 KFLL JetBlue E190 @CaptainZac
E5 KLAX Spirit A320-200
E6 KMSY Frontier A320-200
E7 KRSW Frontier A321-200 @Bryan4558
E8 KAUS Frontier A320-200
E9 MDPC Frontier A320-200
E10 KRDU Frontier A321-200
E11 KHOU Southwest 737-700 @Gavin_cx
E12 KMDW Southwest 737-800
E13 KDAL Southwest 737-700 @LoneStarAviation
E14 KBNA Southwest 737-700
E15 KPHX Southwest 737-800
E16 KSTL Southwest 737-700
E17 KATL Southwest 737-700
Terminal F (34 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft AAVA Pilot Pilot
F1 KDAY American Eagle CRJ-200
F2 KSYR American Eagle CRJ-200
F3 KBUF American Eagle CRJ-200
F4 KGSO American Eagle CRJ-200
F5 KMSN American Eagle CRJ-200
F6 KORF American Eagle CRJ-700
F7 KCAK American Eagle CRJ-200
F9 KSBY American Eagle CRJ-200
F11 KCAE American Eagle CRJ-200
F12 KMYR American Eagle CRJ-700
F13 KROA American Eagle CRJ-200
F14 KBGR American Eagle CRJ-200
F15 KALB American Eagle CRJ-200
F16 KPWM American Eagle CRJ-200
F17 KCVG American Eagle CRJ-200
F18 KFWA American Eagle CRJ-200
F19 KRIC American Eagle CRJ-200
F20 CYYZ American Eagle CRJ-200
F21 KSAV American Eagle CRJ-700
F22 CYOW American Eagle CRJ-200
F22A KILM American Eagle CRJ-200
F23 KROC American Eagle CRJ-200 @Bigo70
F24 KABE American Eagle CRJ-200
F25 KITH American Eagle CRJ-200
F26 KBTV American Eagle CRJ-200
F27 KORH American Eagle CRJ-200
F28 KAVP American Eagle CRJ-200
F29 KERI American Eagle CRJ-200
F30 KSWF American Eagle CRJ-200
F31 KIPT American Eagle CRJ-200
F32 KBWI American Eagle CRJ-200
F33 KMHT American Eagle CRJ-200
F34 KISP American Eagle CRJ-200
F35 KCLE American Eagle CRJ-200
North Cargo (4 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 1 KCVG DHL 757-200F @Aviator_Ace
FedEx Cargo Apron 2 KMEM Fedex MD-11F @ROlive23
FedEx Cargo Apron 3 KIND FedEx MD-11F
FedEx Cargo Apron 4 KGSO FedEx MD-11F
FedEx Cargo Apron 5 KMEM FedEx MD-11F
FedEx Cargo Apron 6 KIND FedEx MD-11F
UPS Cargo (11 left)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft UPS Pilot Pilot
UPS Apron 10 LFPG UPS MD-11F
UPS Apron 12 KONT UPS MD-11F
UPS Apron 14 KBDL UPS MD-11F
UPS Apron 16 KALB UPS MD-11F @GameBoy_KIRB
UPS Apron 18 KMSP UPS MD-11F
UPS Apron 20 KPIT UPS MD-11F
UPS Apron 22 KRIC UPS MD-11F
UPS Apron 24 KBUF UPS MD-11F

Well that’s all. This is my second ever event that I created so I would love some feedback on what I can do better. If you have any questions feel free to contact @RitzRegis. Hope to see you there!



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Also please sign up for Part 1 of this series. This is Part 2 of this series.

What do you think? How would you rate it thanks.

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Gimme dat A4 Gate to DCA my boi, please and thank you :)

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you get a high five! imao

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A8 MMUN American 787-9

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@AliAlex your down! come check out pt.1

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Could i get FedEx Cargo Apron 2?

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A18 to Dublin?

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Thanks, great event.

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When is it?

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Also, can I take gate A20 to Zürich?

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Letsss gooooooooo I live in the Philly suburbs, so I definitely want to sign up but it’s pretty far in advance, I’ll bookmark it for now :D


Can I take the ORD flight on United, but can I change the aircraft to a 737-800 because I did this in real life. I would really appreciate if I could

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