28JUN20 / 1700Z - Pride Month Flyout @EGGW

I am proud to be hosting my first ever fly out event on IFC. To celebrate the end of Pride Month I thought it would be a good way to get the community together. With Luton Airport featuring many colourful airlines from easyJet Ryanair Tui Wizzair & more it would be great to see you all come along.

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London Luton Airport previously called Luton International Airport is an international airport located 1.5 miles(2.4 km) east of Luton town centre in the county of Bedfordshire, England, and is 28 miles (45 km) north of [Central London] The airport is owned by London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL), a company wholly owned by [Luton Borough Council], and operated by London Luton Airport Operations Ltd (LLAOL).
More information about Luton Airport can be found on the link below.

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Server: Expert
Airport: Luton EGGW

  • Infinite Flight Community Pilots may sign up by requesting to operate a route that is listed under the gates section via the thread. All pilots please comment below with the destination you are wishing to fly to & I will add you as soon as I can!


  • Routes below can be chosen at your own discretion. If you wish to change any route to a destination which you prefer please dont hesitate to let me know below & I will accommodate to you!

  • This is my first ever event if I have anything to improve on please do PM me & I will accept feedback on how to improve for next time!

  • We recommend using fpltoif to get your flight plan as it gives you accurate information you need for your flight!

  • Please spawn at your assigned gate 20 minutes prior to the start of the event.

  • Please be respectful of Unicom & or IFATC (if present)

  • Please do act professionally at all times. Give way to aircraft, maintain safe distancing as we don’t want AOG aircraft for touching APU’S

  • SIDS & STARS are mandatory & please leave 4nm minimum on departure

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@WizzAirVirtual is a great addition to Infinite Flight. They have warm welcoming staff members to greet you from the minute you enter the VA & the pilots there are friendly too! They offer hundreds of routes for you to choose from giving you that Variety & freedom to explore. You can check out their thread here

@easyJetVirtual Also has a presence at Luton Airport with it being its main HQ. At easyJet Virtual we offer a great range of routes from you to choose from giving you the flexibility of flying the smallest in our fleet A319 to the new reworked B772. Our doors are always open for pilots to join & we would love to see you with us! you can check out our thread here


IFATC May/May not be present. So please do take note its not guaranteed

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Gate Assignments
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Destination Flight Time Attendee
1R easyJet A319 LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle 1:25 @DeccyB
1 easyJet A320 LEBL Barcelona 2:00 @Tobyc
2 WizzAir A320 LZTT Poprad–Tatry 2:00 @Igor_M
3 Ryanair 737-800 EIDW Dublin 0:45
4 easyJet A320 BIKF Keflavik 2:30 @anon77793723
5 WizzAir A321 LZKZ Kosice 2:10 @Charlieab29
6 easyJet A320 LSGG Geneva 1:35 @15shawo
7 easyJet A320 LTBS Dalaman 4:15 @Infinite_Josh
8 easyJet A320 LEMD Madrid 2:00 @Josh_104
9 easyJet A319 EGPF Glasgow 0:50 @GameBoy_KIRB
9L WizzAir A321 LZIB Bratislava 1:50 @FlyCymru101
10 Ryanair 737-800 EYVI Vilnius 2:20
11 TUI 737-800 HESH Sharm El Sheikh 5:30 @Tsumia
12 Ryanair 737-800 LEAL Alicante 2:00
13 Ryanair 737-800 LMML Malta 3:30
14 WizzAir A320 LUKK Chisinau 3:10 @Declan_Mcgee
15 WizzAir A320 LLBG Tel Aviv 5:00
60 WizzAir A321 EPKK Krakow 2:10 @Hardlanding_Hussain
61 WizzAir A320 LHBP Budapest 1:40 @Param_Patnaik
40 WizzAir A321 EPWA Warsaw 1:50
41 easyJet A320 LKPR Prague 1:55 @PATOU95
42 El Al 737-800 LLBG Tel Aviv 5:00
43 WizzAir A320 LCLK Larnaca 4:50 @Bradgibbs01
44 easyJet A320 LEAL Alicante 2:00
45 easyJet A320 LXGB Gibraltar 2:55 @DanG387
46 easyJet A319 EKCH Copenhagen 1:40 @DannyHL
47 WizzAir A321 LROP Bucharest 2:30
48 Ryanair 737-800 GCFV Fuerteventura 4:00 @InfiniteFlightDeck
18 easyJet A320 EHAM Amsterdam 0:50 @saam
19 easyJet A319 EGPH Edinburgh 1:00 @GLITCH_GAMES
20 WizzAir A320 UKKK Kyiv 2:30
16 WizzAir A321 LBBG Burgas 2:40 @Alexian61

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Runway details will be sent to you on the date of departure 2020-06-28T17:00:00Z in a private group message! We would love to see you there! Thank you so much for reading & we will see you there


Any EZY Gate to LXGB EZYVA133. A great thread as well!

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Can I get the Easy A320 to BIKF (I’ll be EZYVA187)

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Can I have this gate? WZZVA035

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Hi Iyren pls can I have this gate EZY510 (Declan) 😁

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Thank you have a good flight down there! all added for you :)

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Of course! added you :)

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Hey Declan thank you! added!

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of course! added for you now :) have a good flight

Gate 6 to Geneva please! Thread is really good, can’t wait for this one!

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This thread is absolutely stunning!
I’ll take the Wizz Air gate 2 to Poprad, thanks!


Thank you so much! Added you 😁

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Thank you Igor means a lot! Added you have a good flight 😁


Lovely event! Looks great :D

I’ll take a Wizz Air a321 to Košice (LZKZ) please! As WZZVA003


Can I take the Ryanair 738 to GCFV! Thanks!

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Can I have gate 9L to LZIB (Bratislava) in the wizz a321. Thanks


Thank you so much just been assigned to you now! Enjoy @Charlieab29

Oooo FUE my favourite! Have fun @InfiniteFlightDeck thank you!


Certainly! Thanks for signing up just added you! 😁

All the Slovak routes taken already 😱😍


I’ll take any TUI gate to HESH! Great event!