28JUN20 / 1600Z - A Fly-out of the Less Visited - Shenzhen! @ ZGSZ

A Shenzhen Fly-out!


Hello! I am considering hosting a series fly-outs of some of the less visited airports around the world. This means there will be no fly-outs of main and busy airports but instead, I will be focusing on airports that are rarely visited by any Infinite Flight pilots. Now before you go and sign up for a fly-out of a major hub airport (and forget about this event), I strongly suggest you consider signing up. Just because you have never heard of an airport doesn’t mean it’s a small airport with one tiny runway. In fact, all of the airports in I am considering featuring will have multiple, large runways! Depending on the amount of interest there is in this fly-out, I will either continue making more fly-outs with this theme, or switch to a different theme. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me (@yoshi_flyer) a PM.

About Shenzhen:

Shenzhen is a large, bustling city located in south-eastern China. It is just north of Hong Kong (constantly “in the shadow” of VHHH in IF) and is situated next to the South China Sea. The city is very fast-growing and is the home to many large technology companies, earning it the nickname “China Silicon” (after the Silicon Valley). It is one of the richest cities in China and often has a much larger income than Beijing and Shanghai! The city of Shenzhen has the fourth tallest building in the world - the “Ping an IFC” (Infinite Flight Community! just kidding - International Finance Center) and also many beautiful theme parks. The airport has two runways but is undergoing a renovation so that there will be three runways in the future. The single terminal was also recently built and is modeled after a manta ray (pictures are below). I hope you learned something about the city of Shenzhen!

Event Information:

Server: Expert

Airport: Shenzhen, China - ZGSZ

Time: 2020-06-28T16:00:00Z

Gate Assignments:

Commercial Gates
International Flights
Gate Destination Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Pilot
301 Tokyo RJTT ANA 78X
302 Taipei RCTP EVA 78X
303 Seoul RKSI Korean Air B772
304 Kuala Lumpur WMKK Air Asia A320
305 Manila RPLL Cebu Pacific A321
306 Denspar WADD Lion Air B739
307 Ho Chi Min VVTS Vietnam Airlines A321
308 Bangkok VTBS Air Asia A320
309 London EGLL Shenzhen Airlines A330*
314 Los Angeles KLAX Air China B789
315 Vancouver CYVR Hainan Airlines B787*
316 Auckland NZAA Hainan Airlines A330*
317 Cebu RPVM Air Asia A320
318 Rome LIRF Hainan Airlines B787*
319 Paris LFPG Hainan Airlines B787*
320 Frankfurt EDDF Air China B789
321 Sydney YSSY China Airlines A330
322 Johannesburg FAOR Air China B789
323 Dubai OMDB China Airlines A330
324 Kaohsiung RCKH China Airlines A330
325 Taipei RCTP China Airlines A330
326 Moscow UUEE China Southern B787
Domestic Flights
Gate Destination Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Pilot
327 Chengdu ZUUU Air China A319
328 Xi’an ZLXY China Eastern A321*
329 Chongqing ZUCK Air China B737
330 Nanjing ZSNJ China Eastern A321*
331 Wuhan ZHHH Air China A319
332 Beijing ZBAA China Eastern A359
333 Hangzhou ZSCH Air China A319
334 Shanghai ZSPD China Eastern A321*
335 Shanghai ZSPD Air China B789
336 Chengdu ZUUU China Eastern A321*
337 Beijing ZBAD Air China B737
338 Beijing ZBAA Air China B789
339 Zhengzhou ZHCC China Southern B738*
340 Haikou ZJHK Hainan Airlines B738*
341 Nanjing ZSNJ China Southern A321*
342 Sanya ZJSY Hainan Airlines B738*
343 Qingdao ZSQD China Southern A321*
344 Nanning ZGNN Shenzhen Airlines B738*
345 Beijing ZBAA China Southern B788
346 Lijiang ZPLJ Shenzhen Airlines A320*
347 Guiyang ZUGY Spring Airlines A320*
348 Nantong ZSNT Shenzhen Airlines A320*
349 Zunyi ZUZY Loong Air A320*
350 Wuxi ZSWX Shenzhen Airlines B739*
351 Tianjin ZBTJ Shenzhen Airlines B739*
352 Fuzhou ZSFZ Xiamen Airlines B738*
353 Nanchang ZSCN Shenzhen Airlines B739*
354 Tianjin ZBTJ Air China B737
355 Yinchuan ZLIC Shenzhen Airlines A320*
356 Dazhou ZUDX Air China A319
357 Xining ZLXN Shenzhen Airlines A320*
358 Dalian ZYTL China Southern A320*
359 Hefei ZSOF Shenzhen Airlines B738*
360 Dayong ZGDY Chine Southern A320*
361 Harbin ZYHZ Shenzhen Airlines B739*
361I Urumqi ZWWW Shenzhen Airlines B739*
361R Wanxian ZUMX Shenzhen Airlines A319*
362 Shijiazhuang ZBSJ Shenzhen Airlines B739*
Cargo Gates
Gate Destination Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Pilot
380 Anchorage PANC UPS MD11F
381 Moscow UUEE Air Bridge Cargo B748
382 Hangzhou ZSCH SF Airlines B763*
383 Quanzhou ZSQZ SF Airlines B752*
384 Seoul RKSI Polar Air Cargo B748*
385 Kunming ZPPP YTO Cargo Airlines B757*

*Generic Livery

I am aware that people will most likely take gates with international destinations that they have heard of before, but I suggest you consider signing up for a shorter domestic route to a brand new city and airport! I will admit that I have never heard of over 3/4 of the destinations, but that doesn’t mean flying there won’t be fun. Don’t be afraid to take the trusty generic livery out for a short spin around the diverse landscape of China!


  • More gates can be added/switched if necessary.
  • There will most likely be no ATC during the event.
  • I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts.
  • More information will be sent a few days before the event through a group PM to all the pilots signed up.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Thank you for viewing this event and I hope you can come!

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These pictures are amazing! I can’t guarantee that i can make it because of how far away it is. Also does the flyout go to another airport. If so which one?

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Also one thing about china is that there are a lot of city’s that people have not heard of that have big airports. Like not many people have heard of Shenzhen. Also nobody has heard of Wuhan until after the coronavirus. If you look at a image of the Wuhan airport you can really see how big these airports are.

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If you click on where it says “Commercial Gates” (or “Cargo Gates”) and then click on either “International Flights” or Domestic Flights", a list of routes and destinations show up. You can choose to sign up for any of those routes/destinations, just let me know! You can always sign up for a route that looks interesting to you then cancel in the future.

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Yes! My goal is to showcase airports that people may have never heard of, even though they are quite large. There are many of these cities/airports in China but also many many more all around the world! I’m not sure if I am going to continue making fly-outs of these types of airports because of the lack of interest, but this one was fun to make!

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