28JUL24: the Legendary Seoul Flyout

Hello all IFC Pilots, your captain @nabilk11 here. I wanna invite you to this Flyout event Happening on 28 July 2024.

This will Take Place at Seoul Incheon intl Airport.

The time for this will be at 2024-07-28T14:30:00Z2024-07-28T20:00:00Z

Terminal 1
Gates 101-120
Gate Aircraft and Livery Flyout Destination Username
101 A333 Korean Air Da Nang
102 737-900 Korean Air Chiang Mai
103 A321 Asiana Airlines Fukuoka
104 A359 Delta Airlines Atlanta @CedricFlys
105 B789 Korean Air Ho Chi Minh City @United403
106 A333 Korean Air Phnom Penh
107 737-800 Korean Air Beijing
108 B77W Korean Air Hanoi
109 A333 Korean Air Manila
110 B789 Korean Air Vancouver
111 A321 Asiana Airlines Da Nang
112 B77W Korean Air Sydney
113 B77W Korean Air Shanghai
114 737-800 T’way Kota Kinabalu
115 A333 T’way Singapore
116 B789 Air Canada Toronto
117 A321neo Korean Air Osaka
118 A333 Korean Air Nagoya
119 737-800 JEJU air Manila
120 A333 Korean Air Phu Quoc
Gates 121-138
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
121 A321 Phillipine airlines Manila
122 A333 Korean Air Nha Trang
123 A21N Korean Air Tokyo (HND)
124 BCS3 Korean Air Daegu @MAviationYT
125 A388 Asiana Airlines Los Angeles
126 A359 Asiana Airlines San Francisco
127 A333 China Airlines Taipei
128 A320 Peach Airlines Osaka
129 A321 Asiana Airlines Guangzhou
130 A320 Asiana Airlines Changsha
131 737-800 JEJUair Panglao
132 737-800 China Eastern Zhengzhou
133 A332 Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu
134 B789 Asiana Airlines Cebu
134 A359 Finnair Helsinki
135 B789 Westjet Calgary
136 B788 Jetstar Sydney
137 A320 China Eastern Dalian
138 737-800 Shandong Airlines Yantai
Gates 139-156
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
139 B789 Scoot Taipei
140 B77W Emirates Dubai
141 B77W Turkish Airlines Istanbul
142 B748 Korean Air Guangzhou
143 B77W Korean Air Singapore
144 A359 Singapore Airlines Singapore
145 A388 Emirates Dubai
146 B789 Etihad Abu Dhabi
147 B788 Ethiopian (Change to A359) Addis Ababa @Olivia12
148 A359 Qatar Airways Doha @MarcosHazard
149 A333 Airasia Bangkok
150 A321 VietJet Air Phu Quoc
151 A321 Airasia Kuala Lumpur
152 737-800 JEJUair Hiroshima
153 B748 Korean Air Hong Kong
154 A321 Vietnam Airlines Nha Trang
155 A321 China Eastern Qingdao
156 A321 Asiana Airlines Chongqing
Gates 157-174
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
157 737-700 T’way Kalibo
158 A320 Aero_K Tokyo (NRT)
159 A333 Korean Air Wuhan
160 B77W Korean Air Shenzhen
161 A333 Asiana Airlines Fukuoka
162 B738 T’way Guam
163 B737 T’way Shenyang
164 A332 China eastern Airlines Shanghai
165 A333 Asiana Airlines Shanghai
166 A333 Asiana Airlines Hong Kong
167 A388 Asiana Airlines Tokyo (NRT)
168 A321 Asiana Airlines Yanji
169 BCS3 Korean Air Okinawa
170 B739 Korean Air Tianjin
171 B739 Korean Air Xi’an
172 B738 JEJUair Panglao
173 A333 Asiana Airlines Sapporo
174 B789 Korean Air Dallas
Terminal 2
Gates 201-212
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
201 B748 Korean Air Atlanta
202 B739 Korean Air Yanji
203 A321 China Southern Beijing (PKX)
204 B77W Korean Air Boston
205 B77W Korean Air Bangkok
206 A321 Asiana Airlines Okinawa
207 B738 JEJUair Saipan
208 B789 Korean Air Toronto
209 B77W Korean Air Osaka
210 A321 Asiana Airlines Sendai
211 A321 Asiana Airlines Yancheng
212 A359 Thai Airways Bangkok
Gates 213-224
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
213 B738 Korean Air Niigata
214 B772 Asiana Airlines (change requested by User) Athens @whyevenbothernaming
215 A359 Asiana Airlines Frankfurt
216 B789 Korean Air Madrid
217 A388 Korean Air New York
218 B789 Vietnam Airlines Hanoi
219 B789 Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent
220 A359 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong
221 A333 Korean Air Tokyo (NRT)
222 A320 Lao Airlines Vientiane
223 B738 Korean Air Xiamen
224 A321 Air China Beijing
Gates 225-236
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
225 B738 JEJUair Ulaanbaatar
226 B738 JEJUair Weihai
227 A359 Delta Airlines Detroit
228 A333 Garuda Indonesia Jakarta
229 B77W Korean Air Chicago
230 B77W Air France Paris
231 B789 Air Premia Oslo
232 B738 JEJUair Oita
233 B763 Air Astana Almaty
234 B738 JEJUair Macau
235 B77W Korean Air Frankfurt
236 A333 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur


Gates 237-248
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
237 B744 Asiana Airlines Los Angeles
238 B789 Scoot Singapore
239 A333 T’way Bishkek
240 B77W Korean Air Paris
241 B788 Lot Warsaw
242 B772 United Airlines San Francisco
243 A359 Lufthansa Munich
244 B77W Korean Air (Change to Air France) Amsterdam @RazuScorpion
245 A321 EVA AIR Taipei
246 A21N China Airlines Kaohsiung
247 B788 Air India Delhi
248 A320 China Eastern Nanjing


  1. Spawn same time in the training server which makes it a real fly out.
  2. Use ATC Properly for taxiing and takeoff.
  3. Maintain a Safe distance Between Aircraft’s.
  4. Obey airspeed limit.

See you in Tokyo.

I want to give the honor to @MAviationYT to give a plane spotting recap for this event.


Can I take this one?

I’ll take this but a Delta a350 to Detroit

Hey! Could I have Terminal 2 Gate 214? Some changes though…

  • Boeing 777-200ER instead of Airbus A350
  • Athens instead of Frankfurt

Can I get a Delta A359 to Minneapolis?

I’ll take this but an AF 773 to Paris

Can I take this but in the A350-900. Thanks Olivia

Hey. Rn the time is too early for me to planespot 7am. if you could move the event an hour and a half or two later then i can

Signed up @CedricFlys @United403 @whyevenbothernaming @Mort @RazuScorpion and @Olivia12


Sure @MAviationYT

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Ok but there is one but I cannot change that plan. Why don’t you take the A330 Delta to Minneapolis @United403

Bump! Let’s fill up Seoul

Can I reserve this one pls

Got you down

Just a little correction if you don’t mind, I’m not flying to Guam, I’m flying to Athens (Asiana Airlines - Boeing 777-200ER - Athens).

Um ok sure let me change that

I’ll be taking this one. I am honored to be the planespotter for this event

Your most welcome

Your signed up

Bump!!! Let’s fill up Seoul