28JUL20 / 2400Z - The Treasure Valley to an Alpine Lake @ KMAN - KMYL



  • Cessna 208 Grand Caravan/ Kenmore Air:


  • 2100Z:

  • Expert:

  • Please spawn in on time and be respectful of the Unicom.:
Extremely important Flight details must read

I will spawn in 5 minutes before the event to make a flight plan, once spawned please copy the my flight plan, we start taxiing at 2110Z.
Flight Time will be around 1hour give or take a few minutes.
Our cruising altitude will be 15,000ft.
Please follow my speed for cruising altitude and descent.


Region Info

This route takes you from the one of the largest cities in Idaho nestled between the Boise, and Oweyhee mountain ranges over forest and alpine rivers and plenty of mountains, then onto KMYL, a beautiful mountain town at an elevation of 5,021ft with mountains rising to 9,000ft around it, this is a great flight for any bush lover.

Actual altitudes. KMAN-2,520 KMYL-5,021.
Ground speed at KMAN will be 10% faster than airspeed.
Ground speed at KMYL will be 16% faster than airspeed.

For weather Info, check this link https://radar.weather.gov/Conus/pacnorthwest.php
I will give a weather update an hour before the event.

I really hope people attend and I hope you guys enjoy this event.

Is this event already over because it is 1500 Z already

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It’s at 2100Z, 2100Z is 6 hours after 1500Z.

Probably I will join

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Ok, glad to have someone, thanks hope you enjoy.

Sorry, I read it as 1200Z

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I am not that familiar with Zulu time, so if you know, what time is 2100Z in PST?

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Nvm, I figured it out. I will be joining the event.

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Awesome, I am publishing the density altitudes now, I already checked the hourly weather.

Wait, this is at 2PM PST , right?

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Yes it is, because I am in mountain time and it’s 3pm for me.

Ok, thanks.

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Sorry, I won’t be joining the event.

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Oh okay that’s fine.

I will join the next one if you are doing one. Sorry again.

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It’s being re-scheduled to 2400Z

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