28JAN24 | Air Europa Virtual Presents: Madrid Madness

I’m not entirely sure if Dan will be doing the fly-in or fly-out. So, I don’t know sorry!

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just i need to be quick with atc because of traffic but it will be fun so many B738 crazy!!

Enjoy it. Follow the rules and don’t get violations


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Exactly what @Doggy_House said! Enjoy it, have fun, and follow ATC instructions!

I’ve noticed you’ve been doing a few Air Europa routes recently, I hope you’ve been enjoying the routes🙂

will Dan stream on YT or on other platform??

I don’t think Dan is streaming the event. If Dan does decide to do something, he will put out a post like he usually does!🙂

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will you assign me any gate as enrolled in your event??

You will not be assigned a gate. Pilots are allowed to choose there own gates!

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Air Europa Virtual
Madrid Madness Event IS TOMORROW!

We are so excited for this event, and we are looking forward to seeing lots of pilots participatein the event. It’s going to be very cool seeing so many Air Europa B737-800’s arriving into Madrid and also departing out of Madrid.

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Air Europa B737-800!

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Hi to all.

The routes from your LEMD are great.

See you tomorrow on your Madrid Madness.



Hey @Doggy_House

We’re glad you like the routes!

We recently added even more Air Europa charter routes to the database. And, we added a new cargo route. I don’t think many people know that Air Europa also operate cargo routes with the B789, 1 of these cargo routes being LEMD → OERK & OERK → LEMD.

We hope you enjoy the event, and thanks for joining.

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This is my first event, but do i need pro to participate?

Hey @malnisMax_YT

You will need a pro subscription to participate in the event, as the event is being held on the expert server.

We hope you can join the event!

@AirEuropaVirtual does Madrid have any other cargo routes into or out of

Hey @Ben_Walsh

Yes, Air Europa operate other cargo routes. Another cargo route LEMD → ENGM (there are also other stops during that route) another destination is ENVA, ENBO and several other destinations.

They have also operated flights on behalf of the Spanish - Air Force. 1 of those routes being LEMD → EPRZ. Air Europa have also operated several other flights to EPRZ from other Spanish airports such as LEAS, LEAL, LEZG & LEBL.

The Air Europa Virtual routes database, really does have a great variety of routes for pilots to explore.

They are also the first international company to obtain a licence to operate domestic flights in Brazil. One of these routes is SBGR → SBFZ.

Hope this information is useful, and we hope you enjoy the event!👋


It will be early wake up call tomorrow.

We have a meeting with Air Baltic and flying all together to LEMD.

See you there.

Are you using any discord channels?


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I hope you enjoy the event.

We are only using the IFVARB & Air Europa Discord Server! However, if you do have any questions feel free to post your questions and we will answer any questions that you have asked!

see you there brother

Pilots Inbound!🛬

Europa 788VA & Europa 002VA are inbound to Madrid from São Paulo!

Europa 001VA is inbound to Madrid from ESSA!

All pilots are doing a flight now, before the fly-in & fly-out starts later on!

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