28JAN22 / 1900Z - Special 1000 Hours Event! @ KLAX to NZAA (COMPLETED)

152 to Auckland

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Signed you up ! Thanks a lot for joining ! :)
Make sure to spawn in 10 minutes before the event starts ! ;)

Ok thanks can’t wait

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Yes AAVA which I am in has to substitute all A319 routes with the A320 so it’s fine

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Ok ! See you there !

Bumping this topic up! I’ve put a bit of order with the gates ! Come on! Let’s get more sign-ups !

Bumping this topic up ! The event is in 12 hours ! Let’s get some sign-ups !

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Quick bump up ! The event starts in less than 3 hours !

Hi @Delta21 and @Ethan_Brown !

The event will start in an hour ! Make sure to spawn in your assigned gate 10 minutes prior the start of the event.

For the ones who are interested and didn’t request any gates, don’t hesitate to sign-up ! it’s your last chance ! It is really worth and i would be really glad !

I can’t join anymore I am currently flying for the FNF flight sorry

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No problem, maybe next time ! ;)

Really last chance for those who are interested !

@Delta21 , since you’re the only one make sure to spawn in 10 minutes in Gate 152 to AKL, do you want to copy my FPL ?

Ok will be there and yes

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