28JAN22 / 1600Z, 2100Z, 0300Z - AFKLM After Dark 5 Year Edition @ WSSS to EHAM

5YR Anniversary - After Dark Banner

AFKLM After Dark 5 Year Edition - January 28 @ 1600z, 2100z, 0300z

A perfect way to celebrate the legacy of AFKLM and its events. AFKLM After Dark is a long-standing event series that has seen many events. This event is normally reserved for AFKLM and our Skyteam Partners but we know that our amazing community will love it! This route will go from Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) to Amsterdam Schipol Airport (EHAM)

AFKLM After Dark is an event that involves three groups flying an Ultra Long Haul route with an expected flight time of 11h or more! This is a lovely way to spend a Friday evening and our pilots love it and we hope that you will too!

5YR Anniv. - Subtitle Banners - Signing Up

To signup please select your gate and message it with your Aircraft, Airline, callsign, and your gate.

Reccomended format
[Quote gate] [Aircraft] [Airline] [Callsign] [Group]

5YR Anniv. - Subtitle Banners - Gates

View our gate list here! More gates will be added if the current gates fill up.

Group Alpha - 1600z Departure
Airline Gate Aircraft Pushback Time Reserved By Callsign
KLM E8 B777-300ER 1600z @Sierra_Golf
KLM E10 B777-300ER 1602z @Manav_Suri
KLM E11 B777-300ER 1604z @Mayank_Pawar
KLM E12 B777-300ER 1606z @IFPHG-CARL
KLM E20 B777-300ER 1608z @Patel_Mayur
KLM E22 B777-300ER 1610z @Juiceinaglass
KLM E25 B777-300ER 1612z @AryaTheLivingMeme
KLM E26 B777-300ER 1614z ARVA
KLM E27 B777-300ER 1616z ARVA
KLM E28 B777-300ER 1618z ARVA
KLM D40 B777-300ER 1620z ARVA
KLM D41 B777-300ER 1618z ARVA
KLM D42 B777-300ER 1602z AZVA
KLM D44 B777-300ER 1604z AZVA
KLM D46 B777-300ER 1606z AZVA
KLM D47 B777-300ER 1608z AZVA
KLM D48 B777-300ER 1610z SVA
KLM D49 B777-300ER 1612z SVVA
KLM D37 B777-300ER 1614z SVVA
KLM D36 B777-300ER 1616z SVVA
KLM D35 B777-300ER 1618z SVVA
KLM D34 B777-300ER 1602z @sanketpandia
KLM D32 B777-300ER 1604z @EricNL
KLM C11 B777-300ER 1606z @ali_mujeeb
KLM C13 B777-300ER 1608z @Omkar_Rathi
KLM C15 B777-300ER 1610z @Capt_Maverick
KLM C16 B777-300ER 1612z @Sieberovia
KLM C17 B777-300ER 1614z @Omkarghate
KLM C18 B777-300ER 1616z @Axel_Y
KLM C19 B777-300ER 1618z @KSM_King_Storm
KLM C26 B777-300ER 1602z @RhendyAvGeek
KLM C25 B777-300ER 1604z @PocketRishi
KLM C24 B777-300ER 1606z @FLIGHT_G_YT
KLM C23 B777-300ER 1608z @Faizaan_Ahmad
KLM C22 B777-300ER 1610z @aditya_srivastva
KLM C20 B777-300ER 1612z @TIGER_ANI
KLM C1 B777-300ER 1616z @Aashish_Mohammed
KLM B10 B777-300ER 1618z @Aviator_KP
KLM B9 B777-300ER 1614z @Vedaang_saxena
KLM B8 B777-300ER 1616z @Matthew_30
KLM B7 B777-300ER 1614z @Sahil_Ipte
KLM B1 B777-300ER 1610z @airball_15
KLM B2 B777-300ER 1616z @Otavio
KLM B3 B777-300ER 1614z @Dip_Prajapati
Group Bravo - 2100z Departure
Airline Gate Aircraft Pushback Time Reserved By Callsign
KLM E8 B777-300ER 2100z @DuncanNL
KLM E10 B777-300ER 2102z @CrazyBee
KLM E11 B777-300ER 2104z @Charlieab29
KLM E12 B777-300ER 2106z @Adrien_F
KLM E20 B777-300ER 2108z @Chindle_1204
KLM E22 B777-300ER 2110z @Emiel_l
KLM E25 B777-300ER 2112z @CrazyBee_2
KLM E26 B777-300ER 2114z DLVA
KLM E27 B777-300ER 2116z DLVA
KLM E28 B777-300ER 2118z DLVA
KLM D40 B777-300ER 2120z DLVA
KLM D41 B777-300ER 2118z DLVA
KLM D42 B777-300ER 2102z @airball_15
KLM D44 B777-300ER 2104z @Miguel_Lara
KLM D46 B777-300ER 2106z @HNilsen
KLM D47 B777-300ER 2108z
KLM D48 B777-300ER 2110z SVVA
KLM D49 B777-300ER 2112z SVVA
KLM D37 B777-300ER 2114z SVVA
KLM D36 B777-300ER 2116z SVVA
KLM D35 B777-300ER 2118z SVVA
KLM D34 B777-300ER 2102z @Connor.CHARLES
KLM D32 B777-300ER 2104z @Menno_R
KLM C11 B777-300ER 2106z @joslleymiguel_holand
KLM C13 B777-300ER 2108z @Bill_Deng
KLM C15 B777-300ER 2110z @airball_15
KLM C16 B777-300ER 2112z @AndrewGraham
KLM C17 B777-300ER 2114z @MAIK_B
KLM C18 B777-300ER 2114z @Merky_AviationYT
KLM C19 B777-300ER 2114z @EricNL
KLM C26 B777-300ER 2114z @Anlodeje
KLM B1 B777-300ER 2100z @Phil1988
KLM B2 B777-300ER 2102z @John370
Group Charlie - 0300z Departure
Airline Gate Aircraft Pushback Time Reserved By Callsign
KLM E8 B777-300ER 0300z @kylen15
KLM E10 B777-300ER 0302z @Skinate
KLM E11 B777-300ER 0304z @Robin3
KLM E12 B777-300ER 0306z AFKLM
KLM E20 B777-300ER 0308z AFKLM
KLM E22 B777-300ER 0310z AFKLM
KLM E25 B777-300ER 0312z AFKLM
KLM E26 B777-300ER 0314z @mwe2187
KLM E27 B777-300ER 0316z @travelingcornstalk
KLM E28 B777-300ER 0318z DLVA
KLM D40 B777-300ER 0320z DLVA
KLM D41 B777-300ER 0318z DLVA
KLM D42 B777-300ER 0302z AZVA
KLM D44 B777-300ER 0304z AZVA
KLM D46 B777-300ER 0306z AZVA
KLM D47 B777-300ER 0308z AZVA
KLM D48 B777-300ER 0310z SVVA
KLM D49 B777-300ER 0312z SVVA
KLM D37 B777-300ER 0314z SVVA
KLM D36 B777-300ER 0316z SVVA
KLM D35 B777-300ER 0318z SVVA
KLM D34 B777-300ER 0302z
KLM D32 B777-300ER 0304z
KLM C11 B777-300ER 0306z
KLM C13 B777-300ER 0308z
KLM C15 B777-300ER 0310z
KLM C16 B777-300ER 0312z
KLM C17 B777-300ER 0314z

More Gates will be added if needed

5YR Anniv. - Subtitle Banners - ATC

Our event would be so much better with ATC so if you are an IFATC controller we would love to welcome you to control one or more of our available stations for this event. If you do wish to control Please ping us with your ICAO, Group, and stations you wish to control. Reserve controllers are also welcome!

WSSS ATC Staffing (Controllers Required)

Group Alpha @ 1545z

Tower @Benrdutch
Ground @Benrdutch
ATIS @Benrdutch
Departure TBC
Center TBC

Group Bravo @ 2045z

Tower @hass.ik
Ground @hass.ik
ATIS @hass.ik
Departure TBC
Center TBC

Group Charlie @ 0245z

Tower TBC
Ground TBC
Departure TBC
Center TBC

EHAM ATC Staffing (Controllers Required)

Group Alpha @ 0500z

Tower TBC
Ground TBC
Departure TBC
Center TBC

Group Bravo @ 1000z

Tower @Manav_Suri
Ground @Manav_Suri
ATIS @Manav_Suri
Departure TBC
Center TBC

Charlie @ 1400z

Tower TBC
Ground TBC
Departure TBC
Center TBC

5YR Anniv. - Subtitle Banners - Flight Planning

Flight Details will be posted approximately 24h before departure in this location

Flight Details

Fuel: 121,173kg
PAX: 267
Cargo: 13,562kg
Flight time ~13h30m

VR: 173 V1: 165 V2: 179

Runway: 02L
Speeds: 250/310/M.84
Separation at cruise: >10nm
Cruise ALT: FL320

Runway: TBC
Speeds: M.84/310/240
Decent Via VNAV
Separation: >10nm

WSSS Charts

EHAM Charts

Any Virtual Airlines or Virtual Organisations that wish to reserve a selection of gates please send a DM with your reservation request to @AF-KLM_VA

5YR Anniv. - Subtitle Banners - Join Us

Want more? Join us!

Established in 2017, AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLMVA portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair.

We offer mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform and a relaxed, friendly culture to ensure that you enjoy the journey. With 34 planes in our fleet, Over 1,700 Routes across the globe, a detailed flight operations system and a flight training academy for new pilots, plus a mix of dynamic events, we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

Visit AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Website

Contact Us

Website | Instagram | Apply | Pilot Center

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Thread @Benrdutch
Graphics @hass.ik

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Very excited for this event!

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We can not wait to see you and many more with us!

Ben [AFKLM Events Manager]

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KLM 006AK please

Delta 229VA please

I’ll take both gates fir my two accounts

KLM 247AK please

Could I please have that Gate my calsign would be KLM 830

Can I have this please

Id like this one please

Hello may I please take this gate as KLM 840?

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VA Gates will be assigned by your VA

Non-VA signups do still feel free to join.

Sure thing! I hope you enjoy the event!

Ben [AFKLM Events Manager]

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@LordTare Apologies, Group Bravo is it that you would like to be on?

Ben [AFKLM Events Manager]

Yes, group Bravo. 2100z departure

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Of course! I shall add you soon.

Ben [AFKLM Events Manager]

That one please! Air France 800AK.

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I’m very excited about the event I hope it’s okay that that’s gonna be my first group flight

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Looking forward to it

[E26] [B77W] [KLM] [Delta 40VA] [Charlie Group]

Can’t wait! Could I get this gate:

E27 | B77W | KLM | Delta 528VA | Charlie

On Group Bravo as an added departure gate please and thank you