28JAN21 / 2300Z - Moscow to Washington @ UUEE - KIAD

I will come if I was awake Because 23:00Z is morning here.I’ll see if I can stay up late.

You see guys this is how you should format your event’s :)

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There I will be :)

about to fly the NWS UUEE DTMB route, then joining this :)

Nice route but the A330 is usually used on SVO-IAD runs 😉
Source: SU104 (AFL104) Aeroflot Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware


Looking forward to this flight and event. Should be fun!

haha, this is precisely the flight number I researched and am using for this event :)

“AFL 104 - UUEE - KIAD - 2300Z UUEE Gate 24” and yes I can confirm and A330 is used for this route.

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I actually might try and join in on this one ;)

Disregard… just noticed I would have to get up at 3am to land… whoops

14 mins to land at DTMB…

i’ll flightplan with haste and fly out ASAP, will i be too late @MishaCamp?

also a 3am landing for me, work’s gonna be a bummer tomorrow lol

And Misha is gone…

Gosh. Just missed him.
I will be a late follower ☺️

This is my first formation flight. So cool! 😎

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I forgot the fuel anyways… damn

“gear up” an hour late :D… #foreveralone

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I see you. Have fun. See you in Washington.

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clocked you just over ROMEL, see you in Washington!

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Which gate will we stop?

oh wow, this approach into KIAD was dicey! 24kt gusts, left x-wind into 1R… my worst landing yet (-420ft/m and RWY excursion onto taxi way after initial touchdown) :/ challenging to say the least, crazy how it’s totally plausible IRL, just had never experienced it in game but, it’s so windy, the darned plane is actually rocking side to side parked at the gate…

Hope you all enjoyed the flight!

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Was a great flight Misha, and was so nice of you to join us… for the first 5 minutes. 😂

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