28FEB21 / 1800Z - Barbados Flyout @TBPB

Hello and Welcome! Welcome to my first event! I am currently based in Barbados and I decided to organize a flyout at Barbados’ Grantly Adams International Airport! I’m very exited for this event, all details are below!

Let me know what route/gate you would like to reserve in the comment/reply area!

Date: February 28th 2021
Time: 1800Z (1 pm EST)
Location: Barbados Grantly Adams International Airport (TBPB)
Server: Training
Note: Runway 09 in use


Air Canada A330 Toronto CYYZ 11 5:19
Air Canada Rouge A319 Montreal CYUL 12 5:15
American Airlines 737-800 Miami KMIA 10 3:42
American Airlines 737-800 Charlotte KCLT 9 4:32
British Airways 777-200ER London EGLL 13 8:55
British Airways 777-200ER London EGKK 14 8:50
Caribbean Airlines 737-800 Port-Of-Spain TTPP 7 0:56
Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City MTPO 15 3:16
JetBlue A321 New York KJFK 8 4:40
TUI 787-9 / 787-8 London EGKK 22 8:50
TUI 787-9 / 787-8 Manchester EGCC 21 8:50
TUI 787-9 Birmingham EGBB 20 8:48
TUI 787-9 Glasgow EGPF 19 8:46
Virgin Atlantic 787-9 London EGLL 16 8:55
Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Manchester EGCC 17 8:50
Westjet 737-700 / -800 Toronto CYYZ 18 5:19

Swiss Air Ambulance CRJ-200 Porto Santo LPPS 1 6:35
SVG Air C208 (Generic) Bequia TVSB 3 0:44
SVG Air C208 (Generic) Union Island TVSU 3R 0:46
One Caribbean C208 (Private 1) Castries TLPL 4R 0:44
One Caribbean C208 (Private 1) Georgetown SYCJ 4 1:26
One Caribbean C208 (Private 1) Grenada TGPY 6R 0:49
Light Aeroplane Club C172 GA4 @NiksAviation
Flight Institute C172 GA5
Trans Guyana Airways C208 (Private 2) Georgetown SYCJ GA1 1:26

Gates 4, 5, 6, GA2, GA3 and all hangers are all private jet gates (BBJ, ACJ, Citation X, ect.) Gates upon request!


Ground -
Tower -
Departure -

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