28DEC21 / 2100Z - Flash Flight: Short-Haulin' The B78X @ VTBS

ah man that sucks

@Jakub_Astary Doing a great job with approach at WSSS, keeping everything running smooth! šŸ›©šŸ›¬


Okay, I have just finished my flight. Jeez, this was crazy. Had to leave the row of aircraft a few times to keep a safe distance to everyone. And Iā€™m really impressed by the controllers in Singapore, great job guys. I can say I did have fun

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Awesome Flash Flight Misha! I had so much fun! Thank you for the event!

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Thanks so much! I was your tower controller at WSSS and VTBS, hope you enjoyed! :)


I can say I did. I was the guy who accidently hit 200 knots in final (with full flaps and landing gear extended) while I wanted to check my distance to the airplane behind me. Still managed to kill that speed of again before touching down luckily

Great Job!

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In real life, SQ uses both the a350 and 78X on Sin-Bkk flights! Both have the short haul business class config